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I have now shown more than 1500 surfers how to make a wooden longboard surfboard with my instructions and detailed wood plans.

How to make a wood surfboard plans

Who Builds a Surfboard?

I could spend a lot of time explaining to you all the reasons of why you should build a hollow board but since you ended up on my page for instructions on how to make a surfboard it is clear you already want to experience the amazing feeling that only true surfers get  - being able to make a beginner surfboard and ride it.

Learn to make a beginner surfboard with over 70 Pages of Instructions, pictures, and diagrams.

I have revised my best selling information on how to make a surfboard and now have it available for instant download in PDF form that you can print within minutes of your purchase.  Building a surfboard should be a fun process and having clear instructions and lots of color pictures takes out all the guess work.  Over 1500 customers have bought my plans and given me positive feedback and recommendations.  I have answered many emails and requests through the years and incorporated that information into this revised version of information for making a longboard.  You get the benefit of updates from all those that purchased the plans and let me know what would help them get their board out of the garage and into the water quicker, easier, cheaper, and with longer lasting results.

Hollow Wooden Surfboard Instructions

What’s inside the Make a Surfboard information?

Section 1: Getting Started -A basic overview of the hollow surfboard you will build.  A general description of the hollow wood surfboard rocker, spar, rib, and rail. This board is for the starter builder and will teach you the basic design and structure of the surfboard so that you can progress onto harder and more detailed projects without getting bogged down.
Section 2: The Backbone – A guide of how to make the main spar of the surfboard.  This will be the main backbone of the hollow design and is the fish and bones method of building the craft.  A full spar pattern is on the full size surfboard blueprints included that show the rocker and shape and give clear instructions on how to cut and assemble.
Section 3:  The Ribs – The surfboard has ribs that are attached to the center spar.  The design is just like the wing of an aircraft wing and provides for an amazing amount of strength for a hollow design.  Each spar can be easily cut using the full size templates and rib templates.
Section 4: Rails – The are described and description of how to cut, glue, and attach each rail to the ribs are clearly described with pictures and diagram.  The rails are cut to give the rocker shape and then bent during laminating process to fit the ribs on the board.  A simple description of a jig to assemble both rails at the same time will save a lot of time and frustrations.  Some other plans give you only one rib pattern to follow but with these templates you can leave out the guesswork.
Section 5: Building the Skeleton – This is where the hollow wooden surfboard starts to to take shape.  Assembly of the spar, ribs, and rails are described with instructions on how to clamp the board for drying.
Section 6: Nose and Tail - The nose and tail are cut and assembled using the full size blueprints.  The exact shape and planform of the surfboard can be easily copied from the plans.
Section 7: Decking - The hollow design will now be enclosed using a thin veneer.  This section is much easier than most might think and it is when the longboard design really comes together.
Section 8: Shaping Up – Shaping the rocker of the fun board length board is not needed since it is actually built with the rocker already in the surfboard design.  A belt sander makes quick work of the rails.
Section 9: Fin – The wooden longboard has a single fin design with a permanent attachment.  The shape of the fin is clear and easy from the full size surfboard plans.  The design is simple but effective to let you build fast and learn fast.
Section 10: Leash Mount and Expansion Concern for the hollow design – The leash mount is created in this section and a unique and quick method of creating a leash cup for the wood surfboard is described.  These type of boards also have a problem with air expansion so a method of releasing excess air pressure is described and shown so that the hollow surfboard will not be damaged in the heat on the beach or in the back or your beach wagon.
Section 11: Glassing – Instructions for glassing the surfboard and applying the fiberglass resin to completely seal and protect the wood and your investment.  Reinforcement of the fin and options for custom design is also discussed using personal experience and thoughts from other builders.
Section 12: Supply List - A complete list of items and tools needed to build a longboard.  The list of tools is shorter than you may think and all the wood can be purchased at most home improvement stores and box stores.
Section 13: Customer Boards – Some pictures of how customers have built boards and made surfboards with slight changes or customized the look.
Section 14: Scaled Surfboard Plans – A clear description and scaled version of the full size surfboard plans to help while reading the information and good for reference.

Built with Wooden surfboard plans


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