Attention Women : New Science has finally uncovered the most efficient method for rapid and permanent fat loss…


"Discover How to Tone Up, Lose Body Fat,Tighten Up Your Legs, Arms, Tummy and Butt…in just 12 Minutes a Day or Less!"


I’m going to give you THE single most powerful secret for losing belly fat all while getting a slim and slender HOT body…I'll also tell you how and why it can be done faster than you ever thought possible using the power of the Xcelerate Effect revealed in this article…


The only question is… How are you going to handle all the extra attention you’ll get when you’ve got the slim, fit, sexy body you've always wanted?


KylaIntroDear friend,


My name is  Kyla and I’m a Certified Personal trainer and Sport Nutrition expert. I have trained clients around the world – athletes to stay at home moms and helped them achieve amazing results…


…but this isn't about them…today it's all about YOU.



I want to tell you a powerful fat loss story. It's about how my friend Susan, lost over 35 pounds of ugly fat, 8 inches off her belly, and 8 jean sizes… finally getting the sexy, flat stomach she always wanted, despite her busy life chasing her family and working full time.


Even better, she did it all in just a few short weeks… WITHOUT using diet pills,  hours of exercise, or starvation diets.



So what exactly does Susan… and all those other women with amazing bodies know… that you don’t?


Well, the funny thing is… Susan lost all that weight by doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what MOST women THINK they have to do. And you'd be shocked to know she was able to get lean, toned, and tight… in as little as 12 minutes a day (sometimes even less)!


Again, I know that sounds like the total opposite of what YOU’VE been told about burning fat. How you probably think that you need to exercise for hours, go to a gym and use all the machines, and starve yourself with diets. Losing weight seemed like a crazy puzzle which would never be solved…until today.





The Fat Loss Puzzle Has Been Solved and You Are About To Get The Missing Piece


Losing fat doesn’t take gyms, starvation diets, or a ton of exercise. And it definitely doesn’t take diet pills. That is simply ridiculous…


In the 90’s you were told to ensure you spent at LEAST an hour a day doing cardio making sure you stayed in your Fat Burning Zone…low intensity that literally sucks the life out of you.


abspuzzle2In the new millennium you were told to optimize fat loss you needed interval training with painfully long weight training sessions.


Finally the latest research has revealed you can achieve rapid fat loss results in 12 minutes (and sometimes even less) – More on the scientific research in a quick second.


In fact, I’m going to show you how all these diet companies have been KEEPING you from getting the lean, sexy body you want.


And quite honestly, I'm fed up with all the lies and bad fitness advice these companies are dishing out. Not only that… but I’m going to show you how doing TOO much exercise will actually cause you to GAIN WEIGHT!




You are frustrated, and it is completely understandable. It is like trying to put together a puzzle without even being able to see the picture on the box.



BUT….Don’t worry…In just a minute I’ll show you HOW my friend Susan got the lean, fit body she’s always wanted.  And you can copy these same proven techniques to get rid of unwanted fat from ANYWHERE on your body in just a quick 12 minutes a day.









Why Most Women Fail When Trying to Lose Weight…



The truth is, if you have some unwanted fat on your belly, waist, arms, or thighs… it's not your fault!


Like most women you probably haven’t even considered what you are about to learn, and that’s ok… Who can blame you?


The power and money fueling all of the Big Diet companies is driving a vicious circle of false information.


In fact, if you’re anything like Susan… you've probably tried a bunch of exercise gadgets, box meals, diets, workout videos, pills and fat burners. gadgets


Sure, those things might work for a short time… but soon you feel bored with them or you hit a plateau and in some cases you put your health at risk.


So it's a continuous, never-ending cycle of losing weight then regaining it back.


And all you ever seem to lose in the long run is the money you spend. And because nothing seems to work… you become angry, irritable, and depressed.


Well… guess what? If ANY of those things ACTUALLY worked for the long term… you'd already have the lean, slender body you want.





But As you’ve learned… They Don’t Work!


I’m sure, if you’re like all the other women I’ve talked to, you’ve searched high and low for the magic diet that will help you lose weight, look great, and feel fantastic.


scale1You end up in a place where the numbers on a scale can determine whether you are going to have a good day or bad day… you shouldn’t have to live this way…no one should.


The problem with diets is you lower your calories so much… it’s almost impossible to resist hunger. As a result, you give up in a week or two.


Not only that, but when you lower your calories too much… you actually FORCE your body to hold onto stored fat as a defense mechanism.


I get frustrated thinking about the women who try diet after diet… only to fail each time.


Not only that, but many women spend a ton of money on gimmick diet pills that do nothing.  Yet… the diet companies continue to try and get you to believe that a "magic pill" exists.


Look, let me give it to you straight. All these huge  diet companies have products to sell.


And if they told you the REAL truth and actually helped you lose fat… they'd lose you as a customer. And they'd also lose money and profits.





They Want You to Stay Fat So You Buy Their Stuff!


You see, every single day you're getting misleading information about diets, pills,  crazy workouts… the list goes on and on. Money-hungry corporations are feeding off your desire to lose weight.


The fat loss industry is a BILLION dollar industry. The only problem is, people are getting fatter and so are the  diet and exercise equipment companies’ wallets.


That's why these BIG diet companies looking to sell you a pill  or magic diet will NEVER tell you the truth. 


But here it is…The Truth About Diets


Australian researchers at the University of Melbourne conducted a ground breaking study that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2011.










One of the most important realizations was that even after a year of dieting, the devastating hormonal changes affecting your ability to suppress your appetite and fire your metabolism continued to linger.


So please, STOP beating yourself up.  You've never been able to learn the truth about losing fat… because NO ONE WILL SHOW YOU.






That is, until now…


The simple fat loss secret you're about to learn will actually force your body to burn more fat and calories all day long… just like they did for Susan!


If you are continuously wondering why you don’t look like the lean and toned women you see at the gym or in the grocery store, well it’s because you don’t know the secret they know, the one they keep closely guarded and seems like they never truly let you in on.


I remember the first time I saw Susan after she lost those 35 pounds. She looked leaner and slimmer than I’ve ever seen her.  I hadn't seen her in a couple of months and when we got together to catch up… I didn't even recognize her!


Now, you have to understand… I've known Susan almost my entire life. We went to school together and she's always had a problem with her weight.  It's not that she was lazy or that she ate a lot. She just didn't have the best genetics.


So she wore baggy clothes to hide her body.  She used to tell me that being overweight made her feel so angry, irritable, and depressed… like a prisoner in her own body.


But the day I met her at the coffee shop… she was wearing a tight pair of designer jeans with a top that showed off her tight, firm waistline.  The same waistline where she used to carry rolls of belly fat!





She Looked Like a Different Person!


She had a slim and slender body… gone were those rolls of flab… and in there place was a lean, sexy waistline and flat stomach. Susan told me that she has never felt better.


She said her self-esteem and self-confidence improved by leaps and bounds when she lost all the weight.


She was no longer embarrassed when she went to the beach or pool and she could wear whatever she wanted. She said she felt happy, self-confident and FANTASTIC!


I asked her how she transformed her body so quickly after struggling with her weight for so many years.


She said the biggest change she made was that she had experimented at home with some short, intense exercises and a whole new way of eating. She was blown away by how little time it actually took her to get in amazing shape.


She said because she was so busy with kids, her family, her career, and other errands… she simply didn’t have much time to work out. So she tried out a ton of different things and noticed a few of them worked like magic.


There was no doubt she was on to something. She was lean, toned and had the flat, sexy belly that I was trying to get. I could see that she had the results to prove that she knew what she was talking about.


She told me that an average person's "fat loss plan" includes long, slow, boring cardio like jogging or cardio machines.





This is Actually the Worst Way to Lose Fat!


Susan explained that long, slow cardio sessions are actually one of the WORST ways to burn off fat because they're not intense enough to put your kick your body into fat-burning mode.nocardio


Unless you are training for a marathon (which I highly recommend avoiding..more on that later) you SHOULD NOT be doing extensively long cardio workouts.


Not only that, but Susan had figured out if you do too much exercise too often… you'll cause your body to secrete hormones that cause you to HOLD ONTO FAT!


Susan told me she stumbled upon a much better way to shed fat quickly… and one in which you never again suffer through a boring cardio routine.


She said that if you want to burn fat in the shortest time possible, you need to gain some lean, toned muscle. She said muscles require lots of energy to maintain them.





 Your Body Gets This Energy by Burning Body Fat!


Susan said the more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn… even when resting!

Susan told me about 12-minute "short-burst workouts" that you can do in the comfort of your own home… with no equipment needed.


You can burn an extra 900 calories while doing absolutely nothing…nada…zero!


caloriesShe said these short, intense workouts burn even the most stubborn body fat from your belly, hips, thighs, back, arms, and everywhere in between.


They do it by boosting your body's metabolism and natural fat-burning hormones… while minimizing fat-storing hormones which long cardio sessions increase!


So after your workouts… your body burns fat at an increased rate all day long… even while you're sitting on the couch!


What’s more, Susan told me that you didn’t need expensive gym memberships, any cardio machines, home gym equipment, or long marathon training sessions.


All you use in your body’s own weight… and that gives you enough resistance to build lean muscle and burn off fat.


When you use these effective short-burst fat-burning workouts instead of long, slow cardio sessions… you get more results in less time.


In an as little as 12 minutes a day at home (sometimes even less)… just a few times a week… Susan said you can lose a bunch of fat and get that lean, sexy body that helps you feel good about yourself.


Instead of using the typical long, boring cardio methods most people use… the short-burst bodyweight exercises Susan used will rev up your metabolism so fast… it literally starts burning calories ALL DAY.





Introducing Totality A2X…

The Fastest Way to Get Rid Of Fat Off Your Body… Without Leaving Your House!




BodyRipped Totality A2X






The Totality A2X System will create the body you want in less time than you thought possible.


It’s a complete 3-phase 90 day program using workouts that take around 12 minutes. What’s more, these are body weight workouts that can be done at home.


It uses a synergistic approach which aligns your body’s system to work in balance to ignite your metabolic furnace and create a fat-burning effect inside your body… allowing you to burn 250% more calories every day through the secret of the Xcelerate Effect. 


And the proven short-burst workouts that FORCE your body to burn fat all day long and Xcelerate your results.. even while you're just sitting on the couch! You can use these techniques to get the toned, sexy body you want. 


By making some quick and easy changes in the way you move and eat… you increase your metabolic furnace and blast off unwanted fat!






Why Totality A2X Works Better than Anything Else To Create Rapid Results…

It Can Even Reverse The Aging Process!



$39 (One Time Payment)


Add Totality A2X to Cart






Totality A2X- Lose Fat and Inches with 12 minute Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do At Home!


Totality A2X is all about balancing your Aerobic/Anaerobic sytems (A2) which puts your body into hyperdrive throughout the entire day. 


That’s right, the balancing of your Areobic and Anerobic systems create the Xcelerate (X) effect which is the secret to the system.



When you start using our patently unique methods of movement and combine them with the scientifically proven effectiveness of bodyweight training, plyometrics, and high intensity training… your body will continuously burn off fat, getting you lean in the process.


These principles are tested and proven to work not just by Susan, but also by thousands of women all over the world.


You'll look and feel sexier than ever before… you'll get a flat, firm stomach… eliminate rolls of flab forever and boost your confidence.


And you'll do it all without home gym equipment or bulky cardio machines… and without bogus  diet pills or fad diets.


I'll take you inside the program in just a minute… but first I wanted to let you hear what kind of results other people have seen by using this program.


When there are SO many hyped-up exercise programs… all claiming they can help you get in shape… you can never get enough proof.  Because results are results. That's what really counts, right?








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Imagine How You’ll Feel After Losing The Unwanted Fat From Your Belly, Hips, Waist, Buns, and Thighs!


Imagine how sexy you’ll look and feel!


You’ll finally be able to fit into those skinny jeans again. I’ve seen this program do AMAZING things for many women just like you.


I don’t care how much fat you have to lose! This program WORKS. And it will work for YOU too!


Whether you want to lose dress sizes and un-needed pounds… so you can increase your self-esteem… this will do it. A2Xfitnessmodel


And not only will it boost your confidence, you’ll feel proud when you’re walking the beach in the summer.


Even if you’ve struggled with your weight for a while, or if you’ve used diet pills, or other extreme forms of weight loss… this program will help you melt off the pounds and the inches!


You’ll never believe that just 12 minutes a day can help you melt off the fat and keep the pounds off!


So if you’re one of today’s busy women and you think you have no time to do anything to get in shape, this is made for you. As so many women already have… you can slim down, drop pounds and waist sizes, and no longer feel self-conscious.


Best of all, you won’t have to feel so insecure because you won’t have to go to the gym and worry about people staring at you. Now you can use in-home workouts to finally get the results that will have you feeling great.


This program will give you the EXACT STEPS you need to know to lose all the fat you want to lose… as quickly and easily as possible.


A Community To Challenge You and Get Results


When you make the choice to take control and let Totality A2X guide you achieving the healthy fit body you want…You also become a member of our Ripped Nation, a group of over 2000 committed people.


A community that works together to promote success for everyone. The Ripped Nation genuinely cares about your success because it is together that we overcome barriers. Everyone knows in order to get where you want to go in life…it is important to also help others get where they want to go.



The community also likes to challenge eachother and push eachother to work toward total transformation of your body. You will receive information and fun challenges in addition to all of the information contained in your program. Take a look at this little 12 minute challenge we put out to Ripped Nation Members.


BodyRipped Example Workout



Take a Minute to Daydream…


Imagine just weeks from now… fitting into clothes that show off your body… NOT hide it. Wearing the things you absolutely love and have been longing to get back into. Close your eyes and actually imagine how you will feel.A2Xbeachbodies


Feeling more confident, more attractive, having a lot more self-esteem. You're no longer embarrassed or ashamed of wearing a two-piece bikini on the beach. Enjoying your family and all of the things you will be doing together.


You’ll be walking the sand with a new feeling of pride and confidence, showing off a new slim and slender body… turning heads as you go. 


A2XfamilyYou'll feel SO proud of the way you look. No longer feeling insecure… you're feeling LESS stressed and self-conscious about how you look.


Your energy levels are going to be higher than you have felt since your high school years. You will no longer feel the sensation of continuous exhaustion but a renewed energy and outlook on your life with your friends and family.





You’ll Feel More Confident and Attractive When You Have the Lean, Sexy Body You Want


No more jiggly arms or flabby belly.  You’ll make your backside your best side and reshape your entire body in less time!


In 4 weeks or less, you’ll notice a change! A smaller waistline, reduced hips, thinner thighs.


You can use this program to drop 5, 10, 20 pounds and more.  I guarantee this is the fat loss program you've been looking for. 


Bottom line, gives you the formula that tells you exactly how to burn the most fat in the shortest time possible.




Here's What You Get When You Sign Up…


Totality A2X starts with 90 days of fat burning workouts.  Each week is a completely new workout so your body continues to melt fat every day.


Nearly all exercises use your body weight so you don’t need expensive equipment.  If you don’t have a gym membership or want to work out at home, this is perfect.


You’ll learn short, intense, effective workouts that get your body burning off fat all day long. In short, intense sessions… you’ll raise your heart rate and metabolism… so your body starts burning off fat all day long.


Short bursts of exercise have been shown to burn an extra 937 calories a day and boost your metabolism by 497%… helping you lose inches and pounds faster and easier!




How About Burning More Fat than Jogging 12 Miles per Week in 12 Minutes or Less!


Again, Totality A2X is a 3-phase program utilizing patently unique moves which balances your system and creates the Xcelerate Effect. An effect so powerful, if you follow the program, it will keep your body burning calories all day long.



Phase 1 is the Momentum phase… which is a 7-day rapid start phase where you blast off from the starting line and gather enough momentum to keep moving forward. Sometimes it can be a challenge and may even seem a bit overwhelming to get started. Those days are gone. During this phase of the program you are going to start feeling better and realize getting the body you want is actually quite a bit easier than you imagined.




Phase 2 is the Catalyst phase… which is your 21 Day Rapid Fat loss stage.

This is where you’ll really start to see the fat just come off your body. In just 21 short days, you’ll get the lean, toned, tight body you want. This phase takes you from the 7-day Momentum starting phase and gets you moving towards the body you want. Did you know it only takes a few short weeks for you to really start to notice massive changes in your body and how you feel? Prepare yourself to start seeing yourself glancing in the mirror more often as you witness the amazing transformation taking place.




Last but not least is Phase 3… the Perform phase… this is where it all comes together. By the time you’re finished the 3rd phase… you won’t even believe your results when you look in the mirror. Gone are the rolls of flab you hated… and instead, you’re looking at the lean, toned, hard body you want!


Bottom line… this fat loss program includes the exact same fat-burning workouts and nutrition tips that Susan used to drop over 35 pounds… without all the long, boring cardio sessions.


You can use this program to make a fast and fabulous change in how you look and feel.You’ll lose unwanted fat and sculpt a lean, hot body… faster and easier than ever!


And you’ll soon see and feel a difference in your body you never thought was possible.


Even if you've tried everything and failed… you'll finally have the fastest and easiest way to speed up your fat loss… cutting out the trial and error.




It’s the Fastest and Easiest Way to Lose Fat…Period


No need for starvations diets and no need for long, boring cardio.


You'll move your body for 12 minutes, just a few days a week. If you're usually too busy, on the go and you don't have a lot of time… now you can do it in less time.


Whether you need to lose just 10 pounds or you want to lose 60 pounds… you’ll set up your metabolism so it becomes a fat-burning machine that burns off calories and fat…. no matter if you're resting, sleeping, or awake!


This fat loss program is so fast and simple… just a few quick and easy changes to your daily routine will have you working WITH your body's natural ability to lose your stubborn fat and get the lean, slim and sexy look you'll keep for the rest of your life.


When you drop the diets, the pills, the long boring cardio, the low-carb craze… and start to use these techniques…you'll melt off a ton of unwanted fat from your belly, hips, buns, and anywhere else you want to lose it!


It's amazing when your belly fat is gone and your stomach is finally flat. When you've got that lean, sexy muscle instead of ugly fat… your self-image and confidence just takes off.




Finally Get the Sexy, Hot Body You Want…


No more worrying or stressing about how you look when walking the beach.


You'll never be embarrassed to wear a sexy two-piece bikini.   You'll feel sexy and attractive when walking the sand…you’ll have a new feeling of pride and confidence. Showing off your new hot body and turning heads as you go.


As you're getting in shape and losing fat, you're dropping those jean sizes quicker and easier than ever. You’ll finally be able to fit into those skinny jeans. 


You'll look fantastic in anything you wear… whether it's your work clothes or a sexy dress you slip into for a night on the town.


And believe me; you really can go from hiding under those big, baggy clothes… to wearing that sexy two-piece swimsuit at the beach… … walking the sand with a new feeling of pride and confidence and turning heads as you go.


I know because Susan did it… and thousands of women have done it.




Now it's your turn.


How Much Does this Program Cost?


Now, if you went to see a personal trainer, you’d pay $50 an hour to get in shape. If you trained for just 3 hours a week, that’s $600 a month!


But here's the deal… You're NOT going to pay $600. You won't even pay half of that. In fact, you won’t even pay the $50 it costs for just a 1-hour training session.


Even at night, after dinner when the kids are busy with homework… you can take 12 minutes to use these fast workouts.


And in just minutes… you’ll be done!  In a few short weeks… you’ll start to notice the weight just falling off.


For a limited time only and only through this webpage right now… you’ll get it all…the entire program… for just $47.00!


Can you believe that? That's less than what most trainers charge for an hour of personal training! And you can get it all right now.


ORDER NOW And You'll Also Receive These

4 Bonus Gifts Included Absolutely Free!











I don't want you to risk anything…Here IsThe BodyRipped A2X 100% Money Back Guarantee


You can take a full 60 days to check this out and watch as your belly gets firmer and flatter and your fat disappears, week after week.


And if for ANY reason you're not completely blown away by the amount of body fat that melts off your stomach, thighs, arms, and everywhere in between, you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.


Even if you do decide it's not for you right now, I am so confident in the power of A2X and your ability to utilize the Xcelerate Effect to achieve results, I am certain you will come back.


I guess what I'm saying is… don't decide now if this program is for you.


Just get it and try it out. If you don't lose more unwanted fat… if you're not thrilled with what the program has done for you… I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.guarantee


That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.


For less than a cup of coffee a day for the next 30 days… you can get the lean, sexy flat stomach you've always wanted.


Listen, you’re at a turning point where your dreams of having the sexy, attractive body you want can come true. For an incredibly easy way to lose fat, without restrictive dieting or a ton of exercise… here’s your chance.


The best part is… you can get your hands on this entire program in just minutes from now. It's instantly downloadable from this website and nothing is shipped to your door.




You Only Have 2 Choices…

Let’s be honest, if you don’t change what it is you’re doing now… where will you be in a month or 2 from now?


You'll look and FEEL the same as you do now! And I'm sure that’s not what you want, right?


Or… this can be the turning point in your life where you decide that you’re going to transform your body like so many other women have. If you feel that a new body and a fresh start is what you need… then it's time to do something.


Your new body will give you that boost in happiness and confidence you need to feel great about yourself.  When you're happy and confident with yourself… you just feel a WHOLE lot better.


And you know something… you deserve this. It's important that YOU'RE happy! You'll feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


All you need to do is take the next step and click the order button below… And start melting body fat like a flame to a candle!


Change Your Body And Your Life


All you need to do right now is take the next step and click the button below and it’s all yours… the same methods Susan used to lose over 35 pounds.


Click the button now and let’s get started today!

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Take this Opportunity Right Now To Put the Power of the Xcelerate Effect to Work For You














Certified Personal Trainer,

BodyRipped Creator





P.S.  And remember, you’ve got NOTHING to lose except pounds of ugly fat off your body! You’ve got a full 60 days to put this fat-burning system to the test. If you don't lose all the fat you want, I'll gladly give you a full refund, no questions asked. 


If you're tired of getting nowhere, now you can get INSTANT ACCESS to a powerful fat-burning system that you can use tonight! And see results as early as next week!


This unique and exciting fat loss program has already worked wonders for thousands of women worldwide. And I’m sure it will work for you too. 


You get every trick, every exercise, every secret to getting that flat, firm, sexy waistline. And it’s so quick and easy to do… you can fit this into your day at ANY TIME.


So go ahead and take the next step. Click the button now and experience the same excitement and happiness Susan did. Despite being busy, running around after her family she was able to lose 35 pounds and change her life!



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NOTE: BodyRipped Totality A2X is a series of manuals in PDF (photo document format) and videos in the exclusive membership area. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the manauls and view all the files on your computer and most mobile devices. The manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. All videos are .mp4, which is one of the most commonly used formats for delivery of video.