From “Million Dollar Mike” Morgan
Coeur d’ Alene, ID

     If you’ve been looking for an easier way to create profit pulling webpages, this very short letter is going to be a revelation.


   Because it’s probably NOT your copy… chances are high it’s your OFFER that is holding your profits hostage. And I want to show you how to escape – and put up to 637% or more in your pocket. Just by making a few tweaks!

     In fact, ask any world-class marketer, and they will tell you the success of any promotion is approximately 40% list, 40% offer… and 20% copy and other factors”!

     That means if you serve up the right offer to the right crowd, you’re nearly home. And if you don’t write copy like a pro… you can still sell up a storm. All you need to do is focus on finding your thirsty crowd - and offering them a drink.

     Great question.

     What it means is this…

     If you are selling products or services online or off, your offer has more to do with your success than your copy!

     That means you need to know the right tips, tricks and tactics to put the spotlight on your offer... and the rest practically takes care of itself.

     So if you can’t afford a proven copywriter… or your long copy skills aren’t up to snuff yet… discovering the secrets to creating irresistible offers gets your cash register ringing.

     Just add targeted traffic… and whammo… you’ll be making sales.

     Gary Halbert (one of the top copywriters who ever lived) even said:

     Gary sure had a way with words, didn't he? ;-)

     So... why not wave the magic wand and make it drop-dead simple?

     I’m Mike Morgan also known as “Million Dollar Mike”. I’m a top copywriter on the web… selling over a quarter of a BILLION dollars over the last decade.

     Look, as a multi-million dollar copywriter, creating killer offers is a big part of my bag of tricks.

     What do my clients and peers have to say?

"Mike is a world-class copywriter and conversion expert.

That puts him among a small handful of people in the world. If you get a chance to get any of his stuff, stop thinking about it and do it."

Mark Joyner
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of “Simpleology”

"Mike Morgan is the man when it comes to increasing conversions. He taught me one technique that immediately tripled the effectiveness of one of our existing sales letters.

You gotta pay attention, you gotta pay attention to Mike Morgan. He will teach you how to make more sales. Period. End of story."

Tellman Knudson

"For my copy, I consulted with someone who I consider to be not only one of the best copywriters, but also one of the best teachers of copywriting, Mike Morgan… and my testing on a recent sales letter he helped me with showed an incredible 385% boost in conversion rates.

Brian Edmondson

"These days, there are all kinds people on the Internet claiming to be top copywriters -- but 'Million Dollar' Mike Morgan is the real deal.

He's worked with many of the best... he's produced huge winners in some of the tougher marketing situations I've seen... and he knows a heckuva lot more than just how to write great copy. I have nothing but respect for him and his skills."

Tony Flores
Author The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach

     And the truth is… my knowledge of offers is a huge reason big names pay me $20,000 and a piece of the action to write for them.

     But the fact is… most marketers aren’t seasoned enough to pull off mega-launches. At least not yet. Sure, everyone wants a million dollar launch… but how can you run if you can’t walk?

     That’s why it’s critical to start getting sales in the hopper… that’s the walk part of the equation. So while you’re building toward that big launch… I’ve got a shortcut that paves the way.

     Understanding what makes a truly magical offer puts you in the fast lane toward that big launch. It’s your most vital element. When you create world-class offers… you’ll be ready to run.

     That means if you are offering simple and straight forward products or services, presenting your offer the right way will bring you the sales you’ve been looking for.

     Just funnel good targeted traffic to your well crafted offer page and you’re in the money.

     Here’s how you can profit from this information. Even if you’ve tried and failed in the past!

     You see, even mega-respected copywriters write a turkey of a salesletter every once in awhile. And when we do… it’s usually the offer that’s the culprit.

     Just a while ago, it happened to me. I won’t go into the details why, but suffice it to say – a LOT is going on when I’m preparing copy for a big launch. And sometimes… critical details can get overlooked.

     My client (who shall remain anonymous) did a big product launch in 2009. He had a fantastic product, it was easy to write the salesletter. This particular client is an “A” Level marketer who has made MILLIONS on the web. (Much of it with my copy…)

     The last several promotions we did together were Grand Slam Homeruns. We had every intention this one would be too. But when the traffic started hitting the page… the results were not what either one of us was expecting. In fact, the conversion numbers were 1/10th of what our last promo did – a measly 1.52%!

     As soon as we discussed the numbers, I knew what was wrong. I told this client what we needed to do to boost the numbers… we had to beef up the offer.

     So… using the very same tactics I’m about to show you in My Magic Offer, I got to “work.” Using 2 simple tactics in my course, we created an improved offer and tested 3 new headlines.

     The results were astounding!

     All from a few magic offer tweaks!

     All you need to do is get the tools you need to create your very own magic offer…

     Here’s your ultimate resource for creating offers that work like magic.

     You’ll discover:

The 2 step formula for creating your own sales page that serves up a tasty drink to your thirsty crowd. (Saving THEM time and giving THEM exactly what they need to make a decision…)

How to intensify your offers so your readers can’t help but take action NOW

Get at least 6 items of this 10 point checklist right… and your offer gets your target market reaching for their credit cards in a rush to buy!

How to pump-up an already good offer so your sales go ballistic!

The secret “bag of tricks” used by world-class copywriters to whip readers into a buying frenzy… all you do is set it – and forget it!

And much, much more!

     Imagine... Whipping up a killer salespage in minutes instead of days.

     Can it be?


     The My Magic Offer Template is a PROVEN sales pitch that can be adapted to nearly any market... any product, any service. (I have yet to see a niche where it doesn't work...)

     And it's really as easy as painting by numbers. You get the proven sequencing, all of the elements you need to "fill-in-the-blanks" and come out with a salespage that makes an offer your readers can't refuse.

     Plus I'll show you the "tricks of the trade" so you can create your own Magic Offers anytime you desire.

     That means you get a slick shortcut now, and the knowledge you need so you grow your business even faster in the future...

     What will you do with all that extra money?

“I was faced with the seemingly impossible task of creating sales copy for a $27 ebook in less than 2 days…

I stumbled across Mike Morgan's My Magic Offer sales page when he commented on the company's blog. After being impressed by both the brevity and selling power of his system, we bought it immediately.

The minute I got it, I went straight to the sales letter template because the deadline was less than 48 hours.

It was surprisingly easy and we were able to knock out of those offer pages in that time.

And wow, I must say My Magic Offer works like well, magic. The copy for a $27 product led to 6 figures of sales in under a month.

And that was just for one website.

The sales has increased ever since for multiple websites. My Magic Offer was the key reason why we crossed the 300k mark for monthly sales and never looked back since.

And that's just one element of the package. Imagine what could happen if you experience the entire package the way you're supposed to!”

     Just click the "Add To Cart" buton at the bottom of the page…. And you’ll have instant access to all this:

“Creating Magic Offers” Videos – Offer overview… my proprietary “magical transformation” principle for offers that sing… the anatomy of a magic offer… and more. This series gives you the basics (and a few advanced techniques) so you have a birds-eye view of the strategy behind magic offers.

“Irresistible Offer” Interview with Mark JoynerHere’s a treasure trove of juicy, actionable principles from the guy who wrote the book on “Irresistible Offers”. You get 90 minutes of killer content, transcripts, and an executive summary to guide you through creating lip-smacking offers that sell so well, you’ll smile till it hurts!

The “Offer Pump” Video – Here are tricks you can use to pump-up your offers and turn a good one… into a great one! This is an analysis of an offer I crafted that pulled in over 30%!

How to Intensify Your Offer – This video shows you over a dozen proven tactics for intensifying your offer so readers have no other choice than take action right away! (LIVE webinar! June 26)

The Magic Offer Template – This HTML template provides you with a super-easy, paint-by-numbers guide for creating magical offer webpages as fast as humanly possible! All you do is fill in the blanks… and you’re off to the races.

Plus Swipes, bullet templates and more!

     This amazing resource is responsible for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in sales. Not just by me, but also by the few who I’ve taught these tactics to.

     Look, you could pay me $1500 for a 1 hour consultation and I can help you come up with a magic offer. But what happens next? Will you be able to come up with killer offers next time?

     The truth is, I’ve talked people out of paying me big consulting fees and sent them here to learn my secrets. And in the end, I've made them as much as 6 figures in a WEEK creating their own offers with what's found in My Magic Offer.

     And they did it for a fraction of the consult fee.

     Even though most of my elite marketing pals told me I should be charging upwards of $500 for this information, I’ve decided to offer it for only $197. And when the new sales add up, you’ll find you get a mega-fast return on your investment.

Wow, What A Deal... I'm All In!

     And of course it’s guaranteed…

60 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

When it comes to guarantees, I don’t mess around. If you don't like this product for ANY reason within the next 60 days, you get a no-hassle 100% refund. All you need to do is email me.

Your Guarantee is even Guaranteed through to give you TOTAL piece of mind.

Look, you have NO RISK AT ALL – my return rate is obscenely low because My Magic Offer DELIVERS.

What are you waiting for, either you learn how to create a more compelling offer – or you don’t pay.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!.

A powerful headline is the secret for massive conversions. Ruthlessly rip-off these masterpieces! Ninety-nine pages of profit pulling headlines you can model for your very own ads! Contains money-sucking headlines from the likes of Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, David Garfinkel, Yanik Silver, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Michel Fortin, Carl Galletti, David Ogilvy… and more!

This swipe file has been almost 3 years in the making. It’s my personal swipe file that only my closest coaching students have EVER had access to. And not only do you get this valuable document, you’ll also get a recorded training on how to craft killer headlines that get attention… and get you to the money-zone. Because if they never read your ad (even if it’s short)… it’s game over. Plus you’ll get a 90 minute audio of me teaching how to create headlines that grab readers by the eyeballs and propel them into your copy…

Mike's PERSONAL Headline Swipe File? I Want It!

Why do people have so much trouble coming up with profit pulling headlines? Well… it’s all in their minds… but not anymore. My friend Dr. Fern Kazlow and I break down the walls that hold you back in this 90 minute audio.

You’ll “install” the winning mindset and create headlines that get massive attention (and sales) faster than a New York Minute!

Scientifically proven by Robert Cialdini (author of Influence)… "reasons why" get people taking the actions you want. Add the power of reason why to your offer page and whip-up a hurricane of selling power!

This audio shows you how it’s done. Once I mastered reason why, my copy was unstoppable!

Yes! Show Me How To Make Magic Offers!

Ever see a page that converted at over 28%? Want to learn the secrets? This video is almost an hour of my juiciest, most battle-tested secrets for creating sales copy that sizzles.

You'll find out how to use these tactics on your easy to create offer pages so you maximize your sales, your lifestyle and your freedom.

Best of Million Dollar Mike Swipe File! This collection of 12 of my most infamous ads that collectively produced TENS of MILLIONS in sales! (Several different niches represented.)

How To Make a Mint With Swipefiles! This video shows you how to correctly swipe – so you save time, money and troubles from the law!

Secret Conversion Tactics – Bullets that SING! This video shows you how to write bullets that get people buying!

Email Magic! (beta) This 40 page ebook has my best tips for making mega-moolah with your emails… just like MAGIC!

     Add this unique bonus material together and you get $1178 in value for a piddly $197!


     This isn’t the same old recycled junk you see on the net everyday. There’s never been anything like it. And you can find out for yourself… risk free!

     But hurry, in good times or bad, these secrets will pump-up your bottom-line… guaranteed. Because the stronger your Magic Offer… the more sales you’ll make. And that’s an indisputable fact.

I understand I get the following for just $197:

The Magic Offer Template – Fill-in-the-blank easy sales page template that saves me hours!

The Complete Set Of Four Magic Offer Videos – The best tips, tricks and tactics I need for creating Magic Offers!

A REAL $973 Worth Of Incredible Bonuses – Including the Amazing Headline Swipe file!

Plus extra swipes, bullet templates and more!

And thanks for making this hot information available INSTANTLY.

Plus, If I’m not 110% thrilled with My Magic Offer I can ask for a no-hassle refund of my $197 investment in the first 60 days through Clickbank or simply sending an email to me!


All the best,

Million Dollar Mike Morgan

     P.S. Why wouldn’t you give My Magic Offer a try? It’s risk-free and if you don’t “get it” just ask for that cheerful refund. But once you absorb the info and use the super-easy template… it’s like money falling from the sky…