How To Stop Biting Nails

3 simple facts you're about to learn on how to stop biting nails ...

  1. The single reason almost everyone fails to stop biting their nails permanently.
  2. Why stop nail biting polish helps only TEMPORARILY (hint: it deals with the effect and not the cause.)
  3. A new breakthrough technique that guarantees to PERMANENTLY end your nail biting habit.

Stop Nail Biting Today!

From: Alexis Blixen

Wednesday, 3:53 PM

Dear Nail Biter,

How To Avoid The Frustrating Nail Biters Cycle.

Has this ever happened to you?

Step 1. You have an embarrassing experience...

Maybe someone comments on how gross your nails look with a disgusted look on their face.

...Maybe you get self conscious about handing money to someone.

...Or maybe you get self conscious about holding someone's hand.

Step 2. You commit to never biting your nails again!

Step 3. A couple of hours later, while you're not even thinking about it...

You catch yourself chomping away at your nails.

Step 4. Frustration and anger?

Why does this happen!?

Will power is not enough to stop biting your nails!

Whenever you try to use just will power...

The change will always be temporary and not permanent.

That is why you always start biting again days after struggling with will power.

I went through this cycle of stopping for a couple of days only to start again later, for way too long.

I'm about to let you in on a dirty little secret to ending your nail biting fast and forever...

Let’s get started with a little ‘pop psychology’ that will help you stop biting.

Why Do You Bite Your Nails?

It's because you want to!

I hear you saying no, no I hate it... I'm embarrassed and I want to stop.

I understand you might want to stop logically... But emotionally you have developed what fancy psychologist call "a secondary gain."

Emotionally you enjoy biting.

The reasons may be as simple as you enjoy biting your nails to cure boredom.

It might distract you while you're stressed.

I know a fellow nail-biter that likes to bite their nails to play a stringed instrument better.

Hey -- you can even bite your nails, so you don't pick your nose... hehe. :)

Our brains are weird.

I don't know the exact reason for your nail biting habit...

But ! ...

If you're biting your nails, you likely have a sneaky little reason.

It's not logical, but emotional.

Here's what you have to realize.

Your brain is always trying to avoid pain and get more pleasure.

Even when it comes to this silly little nail biting habit.

Here's the good news.

Uncovering your sneaky emotional reason for nail biting is easy.

I'll show you a simple trick to do that in just a minute.

The challenging part is...

Changing the automatic nail biting response that is currently 'ingrained' in your nervous system.

That's where I can help you.

I have purchased and tested EVERY single nail biting trick or technique invented.

I have tried them all.

The list of things I've tried includes, but is not limited too:

  1. Snapping myself with rubber bands every time I catch myself biting.

  2. Putting nasty nail polish on my nails that is supposed to stop me from . (I got used to the taste pretty quick.)

  3. Wearing gloves ! (Really embarrassing and not efficient.)

  4. Telling my friends and family to slap me every time they catch me biting. (Turns out they can't stop me from biting when I'm taking a shower.)

  5. Telling my friends and family I will pay them money if they catch me biting. (I lost about $45 with this method, till I gave up on it.)

The horrible thing is...

Nail biting SEEMS like such an easy habit to break.

To the untrained eye, it feels like it should be easy to quit.

Well I struggled with it for over 20 years.

Starting and stopping.

I would stop biting for a few weeks.

Getting my nails close to perfect.

Then I would have just 1 stressful day at work and I would bite

and rip my nails apart.

All my hard work and struggle ruined in less than 10 minutes.

Here's a thought experiment for you.

Can you forget how to ride a bicycle?

Seems like an odd question, but stick with me.

Can you forget how to ride a bicycle?

Of course not.

That's because riding a bike has become an automatic response in your nervous system.

Trying to use will power to stop biting your nails is like trying to forget how to ride a bicycle.

You just can't do it.

You're body has learned to start biting after certain triggers.

It's time to change your automatic response to those triggers.

Here’s how you do it.

Why I Made This Site...

A while back - I was really committed to end my nail biting, I was really committed I even made a bet with my roommate, and told her that if she caught me biting my nails...

I would pay her $20. Within 3 hours - My hands were in my mouth chomping away..

Was Angry And Frustrated!

Keep in mind, I had just put on some of that stop nail biting polish that tastes like poison.

That still didn't stop me.

By browsing the internet, I saw that I was not alone.

Millions of people suffer with chronic nail biting.

But all these sites were kind of support groups instead of treatment techniques.

Everyone was just supporting each other, but no one actually had a strategy that worked long term.

A lot of people would stop biting for a while, but most would come back and report that they had relapsed.

Why Couldn't I Stop?

It seemed like such a silly habit...

I almost felt stupid dedicating so much time and focus trying to find a solution.

So how did I change? How did I finally stop biting my nails?

Now - I know you want to stop easily, quickly.

Every nail biter does.

But what do most nail biters do about it?


They put it off - they procrastinate, they say hey it's not that big of a deal.

Sure, once in a while most nail biters get a good streak.

Maybe a week or two weeks when they don't bite their nails.

But it's just a matter of time before they break and go on a "nail biting binge"

1 in 4 Nail Biters Never Stop Biting For More Than A Few Weeks...

I'm here to tell you - It doesn't have to be this way.

So one day - I finally decided to stop trying to use will power, and I decided to do whatever it takes to end my nail biting habit.

I spent months reading and studying all of the material out there on how to end compulsive behaviors and habits.

But the most frustrating part is that none of what I tried worked.

Most books just talk about how to increase motivation and discipline, how to be more positive. Or how to use "carrots and sticks" to motivate yourself.

So this is why I decided to put the a complete package together to help myself, and other nail-biters stop biting in the easiest way possible.

So that I could teach you the right things to do to stop biting your nails without the stress and frustration.

And that system - is the nail biting annihilation system.

Now, I know you're not trying to be hand model here or anything.

But I've seen so many people struggle to stop biting, that I created a complete system so that there is no way that your nail biting habit - ever comes back... Ever!

This Stop Nail Biting Breakthrough Will
End Your Nail Biting Habit For You...

Just press play and follow along with the video...

I learned all of this stuff the hard way, for every technique that I teach you, I tried at least a dozen that didn't work.

You won't find this kind of information anywhere else. I guarantee it.

So, How Is It Possible To Stop Biting Quickly and Easily?

It's called the 3 Step Nail Biting Breakthrough, and it's absolutely guaranteed to end even the most serious nail biting habits...

It works because it identifies all the triggers that currently get you to start biting and then adds new responses to the old triggers, responses that will empower you, instead of cause you to bite your nails.

It's a way to recondition your automated responses that cause nail biting.

I have personally recorded this technique into an easy-to- follow video that, as soon as you watch it, will give you absolutely everything you need to know about your nail biting, as well as how to stop.

There Is No Easier Way To End Even The Most Serious Nail Biting Habits...

I don't care if you've been biting for 1 year or even 30+ years....

The stop nail biting video that comes as part of this offer, demonstrates this secret technique step by step.

Just press play and after applying the breakthrough secret you'll learn from the video, you will never bite your nails again.

I'm the only person that will let you keep his comprehensive stop nail biting course FREE, even if it doesn't work for you.

The bottom line is this: My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you ...

Here's a Who Will Benefit From This Information:

  1. If you've tried to stop with pure will power, the information I provide will work for you.
  2. If you've paid for stop nail biting polish, waited weeks to receive these in the mail, only to get used to the taste and keep biting.
  3. If you're thinking about spending money on a generic habit changing program (that is not even intended for nail biters), isn't it better to get a specific program just for nail biters?

ANNOUNCING...The Stop Nail Biting Breakthrough System A Solution To Stop Biting Nails PERMANENTLY - Without Willpower, Or Nasty Nail Biting Polish...

10 Reasons Why The Stop Nail Biting Breakthrough Is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Tried Before...

  • These are stop nail biting secrets and techniques you can't find anywhere else because I created this specifically for people who bite their nails. You are getting something tailored exactly to your needs.
  • It doesn't get any simpler than this to end your nail biting habit because you don't even have to read anything, just play the video and follow along, and by the time you watch the videos, you'll be done with your bad habit. I've used all the available resources to make sure there is no chance you'll ever bite again.

  • Discover how habits are meant to be changed, because if you're trying a regular habit changing program, you're setting yourself up to fail.

    you are going through one of these outdated programs, you are not getting the latest tools to end your nail biting. You're basically working way too hard.

    I say that because the power of positive thinking, which is what all these habit changing programs are based on, was first introduced more than 100 years ago! Do you think there have been any breakthroughs in changing unwanted behaviors since then?

  • You're going to learn how to identify ALL of your nail biting triggers, then you'll easily be able to turn the old nail biting triggers, into different conditioned responses.
    So the triggers cause you to do positive behaviors, instead of bite. Your friends will never figure out where you got your new glow and confidence came from.

  • I want you to finally get your ideal nails without effort or struggle....That is why I also have included a step by step guide that shows you how to grow your nails faster and healthier than ever before.

    You'll receive all that is needed to have perfect nails and quickly, since I spent the time assembling this course while making sure everything is easily laid out for you.

    You're only a few short moments from getting your ideal hands and nails.

  • I challenge you to find someone else who makes it this easy to stop nail biting. Because I've looked at all the other websites which claim to help, and none even came close.You are making the one and only decision you need to having healthy nails once again, even if you can't remember the last time you had them.

     I really went the extra mile to make sure I have provided as much value as possible to someone who wants to stop this behavior now.

  • You won't believe how many people wish they could get their hands on this information.

    Because there are dozens of forums, blogs, and websites that talk about how to stop biting nails, and honestly the advice they give never worked for me.I'm not saying it doesn't work, just didn't work for me. However,consider yourself really fortunate to get your hands on this breakthrough secret. You can now know how to solve this emberassing nail biting problem - quicklky and easily.

  • Once you watch the video, you will have a feeling of freedom, confidence, and control over your life. Not only will you stop this particular habit, you may also wonder what else could this secret be used for? With this information, your beliefs and your life could be improved forever, and the best thing is that it was effortless, fun, and you learned a heck of a lot along the way about how your mind works. This is really an instruction manual for the brain and eliminating bad habits.

  • I made this entire program downloadable, so you get to watch this entire course immediately. No shipping costs and no waiting for it to arrive in the mail, simply download and press play.

  • This is the last "stop nail biting" website you will ever look at. I have gone the extra mile to make sure it includes absolutely everything for ending your nail biting habit.You are truly getting the best of the best. No longer will you need to surf the web for answers.

You can access it right now on your computer, and be viewing the course in just a few moments, for only... $47.

And even better if you invest in the nail biting annihilation system right now you'll also get 2 bonus reports, a stop nail biting game for kids, and a free stop nail biting while you sleep CD.

One of the most important things I learned is that trying to stop biting your nails is an "unconscious" behavior.

Trying to stop an unconscious behavior with
will power - never works.

That's why I created a cd that automatically changes your unconscious "self-image" from someone who is a nail biter to someone who would never bite.This is a huge deal.

And I'm going to give you for free just for trying the nail biting annihilation system.

You can try all these 3 bonuses and if you hate it, you can just send an e-mail and I'll refund your money - AND you can still keep the bonuses for free.

In other words.

You can keep your bonus after you receive it - even if you cancel.

Here's Exactly What You Get...

If you order right now you're going to receive the stop nail biting video, which will show you exactly how to stop biting your nails easily, and without using willpower or discipline.

The solution to nail biting - The only video that ends your nail biting habit FOR YOU.

Just press play, and follow along with the fun and easy exercises to permanently end your nail biting habit without struggle or will power.

Bonus 1: Stop Nail Biting Relapse Report

How to stop nail biting sabotage..

Just like some people lose weight, only to gain it back.... Almost everyone that stops biting their nails is only a few weeks away from a relapse.

All it takes is one bad day to ruin all your hard work and progress.

This report will ensure you never do that.

Bonus 2: Longer, Healthier Nails - Faster!

You'll learn the 5 tricks tha tmake your nails grow back twice as fast...

Bonus 3: The Stop Nail Biting Game!

How to stop biting your nails with a fun game.

This particular bonus is awesome for kids, and it also works for adults. It uses visualizations and imagery to recondition any nail biting habit.

I think you're going to love it.

Bonus 4: Stop Nail Biting While You Sleep CD!

Since I want to make sure there is NO possible way your nail biting habit every comes back, I recommend you listen to this audio file whenever you have an urge to bite, or right before bed.

Best of all... you don't risk ANYTHING because....

Now, I can't possibly imagine a reason why you wouldn't take these steps to get your nail biting habit handled.

But to help you feel as confident as I am that this system is going to completely end your nail biting urges, I'm going to do something that's a little bit crazy.

I'm going to give you 60 full days to use the system, grow your nails back, and then decide if you want to keep it.

Just click on the download button, fill in the secure order form, watch the video, read the short reports, and if you don't see immediate results, you can return it within 60 days, and you won't be charged.

All this for only a one time payment of $47... Also you can access your product instantly! Easily stream the videos from your home computer, questions? Reach me at

And if you decide to keep the system - you don't need to do anything further.

Of course - I wish I had been able to get this system to stop biting my nails years ago. And I know that you're going to be glad that you made this investment in yourself after the first day you go without biting.

This much is true - for the rest of your life, you can struggle and use willpower and force yourself not to bite... Or you can use the nail biting annihilation system, and never even think about biting your nails again.

So take action now, don't delay - click on the button below and let's see you get long healthy, perfect nails in just a few short days.

I'll see you in the members area.

Your friend,
Alexis Blixen