Dan Weaver
Subject: Supercharge Your Binary Profits Today.

Dear Wealth Seeker,

After 6 years of development and thorough research, the Binary X™ is finally released!

Binary X™ is a powerful software that generates sniper-accurate trading signals, raking up to $713 / day with just 2 trades daily.

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Wasting Money on " Push-Button Software" that Never make a dime
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The Binary X™ is generating sniper-accurate signals, like these:

$4,220 in 1 Trading Day!

Let Me Show You How This New, Amazing Technology Generates Super-Accurate Binary Signals in Under 60 Seconds:

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Why Binary X™ is the leading signal service:
Sniper-Accuracy Trading Signals

Binary X™ generates sniper-accurate signals exactly when the trend reverses, so your trade is profitable right from the start, just like this:

Forget about waiting for countless hours for your trade to become profitable, which is also stressing and inefficient- the trades you could take with this system are immediately profitable.

The Binary X™ signals are based on price-action techniques that are universal and have repeated for decades.

This guarantees you high-precision trading, with low-stress and consistent profits.

The Ultimate Risk:Reward Ratio

The Binary X™ system ensures a high Risk:Reward for every trade so your risk is minimal and reward is much higher!

Stop trading those systems with huge stop loss and little take profit, and start trading like a professional market gunslinger:

Unlike 99% of trading systems today, the Binary X™ has huge Risk:Reward built-in in its trading methodology.

Designed for Maximum Profitability In Any Market

The Binary X™ is a universal system that generate signals on ANY Forex pair or commodity.

It uses universal market truths that repeat themselves in any market: from EUR\JPY to Oil and Stocks.

Generating paydays like $2,388.98 in just 4 Trades:

VERY Easy to Trade

Despite being a highly profitable systems that generates consistent signals, the Binary X™ is very easy to trade!

Our team of developers researched for the easiest and most consistent trading set-ups that could be used by beginners as well - and you get the MECHANICAL signals so there's no manual work for you!

So it doesn't matter if you are a professional traders with years of experience, or a beginner that just saw his first trading chart.

We are confident you will find the Binary X™ very easy to trade and master!

No more complex systems with dozens of indicators and lines, distracting and confusing you.

Just follow the signals, and collect the profits!

High Hit Rate So You Trade with Confidence

Our accurate trading strategy makes sure you can win at least 75-80% of your trades!

This allows you to enter bigger lots with confidence and enjoy unheard-of profits generated in mere minutes.

Makes Super Profits on Any Pair = Universal Strategy!

Most trading systems these days are restricted just to one pair, like the GBPUSD or GBPJPY.

Why? Because they are not really profitable.

Those systems just happen to make profits on this pair because of the pair's unique behavior. But when this behavior changes- the system will start to lose... a lot.

The Binary X™ is not restricted to one pair- it works on ALL of them, generating profitable signals on any timeframe or market you focus on, regardless of volatility or volume.

This is because this is an universal trading system.

By focusing on the universal truths of ALL markets, we were able to make a system that generates siganls on ANY PAIR - hence quadrupling your profits and ensuring high performance:

Let's say you have a major news event on EURUSD and can't trade.

With the Binary X™ it's not a problem at all- just trade another pair and continue to collect profits, just like this:

Experience TRUE Financial Freedom!

You could experience the TRUE financial freedom:

Being able to work from anywhere in the world, with no obligations to workplace or a boss

Being able to CONTROL your profits, to make as much money as you want.

To be in full control of your financial life and to achieve your financial goals!

All this is possible when you trade the Binary X™ signals.

These are NOT methods that could stop working in the next week or month- these techniques are making profits for decades and continue forever, allowing you to build your wealth consistently and with confidence.

Don't Waste Time and Get Access for Just $1 Trial:

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Here Are Some Real Live Examples:

Our 1st Beta Tester Account

Our 2nd Beta Tester Account

Here's Why You Absolutely, Positively Need
No More Scam Robots! – Stop wasting money on all those scam robots and finally take control of your trading!

Many trading 'gurus' these days try to sell you the illusion that you can actually make money without any work... that you can just put a robot to work and double your account every other day. This is A LIE.

Truth is there are very few truly profitable robots and those robots are certainly not in the hands of any marketer.

Trading is not a science you can put to equations, it's an ART and art CANNOT BE AUTOMATED.

But, when you master the underlying psychology of price-movement and know the universal truths of the market, you can use these powerful signnals by yourself, much better than any robot:

Stop Bleeding Pips with Late Entries! – Late entries are causing you to lose pips on daily basis.

Stop doing this by making sure you trade with the latest trading techniques, that ENSURE you enter quickly and the earliest moment possible.

Works in ANY TRADING SESSION! –Whether you live in USA, London, Europe or Asia, you can cash huge profits with the Binary X™, as it works in any session!

There are countless profit opportunities that appear that all trading sessions, from London Session to the Asian session - so regardless of your trading hours you could find trades and make the profits!

Has it ever occured to you that you stayed awake at 3 AM, waiting for a trading pattern that just won't signal a trade?

If so you know how frustrating this can get. With the Binary X™ this will NEVER happen to you, as you have countless opportunities any time of the day!

This also assures that whenever you're in need for MORE money, you just open the charts, find the trading set-ups and CASH IN!

Next Generation Bottom\Top Picking – With the Binary X™ you will no longer join the trend late after the majority of the move occurred.

You could enter just at the start, thus making the most of the trend and make double the profits of most traders:

This also allows you to be more relaxed with your exits as your profit margins are much higher.

Automatically Adjusts to Changes in Volatility! – The mechanics of the Binary X™ are designed in a way that automatically adjust to changes in the market, as volatility, volume and liquidity.

Unlike most systems or indicators that require you to manually optimize the system to each pair or commodity you trade, the Binary X™ does that automatically so you always trade profitably and accurately.

If the pair is volatile like the GBPJPY, the entries will be more aggressive and if the pair is moving slowly (like EURGBP) the signals and exits are slower.

Doesn't matter whether you trade the Gold or the USDJPY- this system makes sure you trade optimally in any environment.

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That's truly amazing, isn't it?

But, that's not all!

If You Get Access to Binary X™ TODAY, I'd Like To Throw In Some Rare Gifts To Help You Generate Profits Even FASTER!
Amazing Price-Action eBook

Amazing, Step-by-step guide to analyzing the markets and finding high-probability profit opportunities.

Comes with full charts and detailed examples!

The 1 little "profit explosion" strategy, if applied 30 minutes a day, could bring you 85% winning trades!
How to exploit the power of ______ for a steady stream of trading profits!
Discover 1 secret tactic how to find the best point to enter trades with high accuracy! Interested?
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Volatility Trading Guide
I'll give you a tour "behind the curtain" how I'm able to generate up to $492 a day... and how I break it down to the EXACT science...
I'll show you the trading techniques I use to generate super accurate trading signals in ANY market condition.
How I use a specific technique, to pin-point exact trading entry-points.
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2 Hot MetaTrader Indicator
Get access to these 2 amazing trading indicators that generate 90% win rate signals on auto-pilot!
These indicators find trading opportunities in ANY markets, regardless of trends... so you can generate profits ANYTIME.
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Life-time Updates and Optimizations

We are constantly upgrading and optimizing our indicators to make sure they can deliver the best performance.

As our client you will receive ALL the latest versions to your email, EVERY month.

Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!
365 Days Free Email Support
Our friendly support is always here to help you with any questions. Issues with the software? Can't make it work? You have full 365 days (and beyond!) to get help. We promise that you'll never be left alone and we'll do our absolutely best to keep you satisfied!
Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!

Wow! Let's sum it up together.

Here's What You'll Get EXACTLY:
What You'll Receive...
Binary X™ Signal Service
Full Trading Guide and Indicators
Free Gift #1 - Amazing Price-Action Course
Free Gift #2 – Volatility Trading Guide
Free Gift #3 – 2 Hot MetaTrader Indicators
Fast-Action Bonus #1 – Life-Time Updates and Optimizations
Fast-Action Bonus #2 – 365 Days Free Email Support
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Claim your copy now. This special "announcement discount" may expire at ANY TIME. Then I may pull the product off the market to take care of my new customers and assure the best service.

After that the price may double or even triple!

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"Better Than Triple
Money-Back Guarantee"

I know you may be skeptical. That's smart. There are so many scams online that you've got to be careful. So let's make it an easy decision, OK?

I'm so confident about this product, I'm going to offer you 3 iron-clad guarantees:

If you don't like the Binary X™ signals or they are not profitable for you, I'll refund all your money back!

If you don't find the signals super-profitable, you can also cancel the monthly payment at any moment and unsubscribe.

If it takes you more than 30 minutes to log in to the service and see the trading signals, I'll refund all your money back!

If you find at least 4 glitches in the software, issues, errors, or anything that was overlooked, I'll refund all your money back!

But that's not all!

If for any reason, in the next 60 days, you don't like Binary X™… maybe the daily signals are not enough for you, maybe you don't like the interface, or maybe you just don't like the font on your control panel! I don't care what's the reason!

Just send an email and I'll refund every penny you've invested.

And you can keep all your gifts & bonuses free of charge!

I want to make this investment in your freedom totally risk-free. I don't like this fine-print, BS marketing where you never know what you're getting and what's the deal.

This guarantee is straight forward. You have 60 days to try the signals. That's enough time to make 10x or even 100x of your investment back. EASILY!

Now you have NO EXCUSE! Get your access to Binary X™ now and start generating binary trading profits TODAY.

Now is the time. The time to TAKE ACTION!

Dan Weaver

It’s Fast, Easy And Simple, And TOTALLY Hands-Free!

Secure Your Miracle Software NOW In 3 Easy Steps!

Step #1 – Claim Your Access NOW

Select which license option you're interested in. Click "Add To Cart" button and put your payment information on our highly secured checkout page. During the checkout process you'll be presented with couple of optional upgrades. After that, you'll get instantly redirected to the download page.

Step #2 – Download Your Binary X™

On the download page, you'll receive your personal license key, and links to download your software & all the gifts and bonuses. Just download everything on your computer.

Step #3 – Get Signals and Profit!

You'll get emails every day with our best trading signals. Execute the signals on your favorite broker (we have 3 recommended ones if you don't have a broker account yet), and collect the profits!

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To Your Success,

Dan Weaver

I bet you still have some questions. I've got you covered again! ;) Here are some of the most common questions and answers:

I Never Made Any Money in Trading, Would It Work For Me?

Yes, the Binary X™ is very straightforward so you can use it even if you've never made money in trading or if you've never traded before.

Will It Work On Mac?

Yes, you get the signals via email so you can also trade them if you have a Mac. You'll need a MetaTrader 4 for Mac to install and use the indicators.

Does it Work for all Trading Platforms?

Yes, the Binary X™ works on any trading platform (NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, TradeStation and ANY other)

Does it Work for All Pairs?

Yes, Binary X™ generates profits signals on all pairs - from Forex to Gold, Oil and even Bitcoins.

What is the Win Rate?

Typical win rate is 75-85%, depending on the market volatility.

What is the minimum amount of money I need to start?

It is recommended that you have at least $400. But you can start with as little as $100, if you are trading with micro-lots.

What do I need to trade this system?

All you need is a trading account and an internet connection.