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Big Stock

(noun): a publically traded company that either possesses a breakthrough or disruptive technology, which in turn creates a new industry or changes an existing one, AND is valued where it can potentially deliver at least a 1,000% return.


Because breakthrough/disruptive technology is much simpler and cheaper than the technology it is replacing, ALL
companies in that industry are forced to adapt and adopt this new technology, or go out of business.

For over 20 years they’ve been discovering some of Wall Street’s biggest winning stocks . We have found that our very best winners all had one thing in common , they were all Big Stocks and at valuations that offered at least a 1,000% return when first discovered . We then spent countless hours developing a method that could readily identify these potential ten-baggers . This method helped us turn $10K into $2.8M in two years.


We will only invest in a company that either has breakthrough/disruptive technology, or has a
competitive advantage in a disruption, which will force adoption of its technology.