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21 Day Keto Diet Plan

21 Day Keto Diet Meal Plan! 

Simple Meals. No Guessing. Get Results*Ketogenic Diet Book

Do you know why most diets don’t work?

Because they don’t make it easy to lose weight and keep the weight off. My “21 Day Keto Diet” by My Keto Coach makes it simple to enjoy the foods you love—without calorie counting! We have made this diet specifically for those that just don’t have time to cook elaborate ketogenic meals but love great tasting food – and want results*! My goal is to get you into ketosis, and eventually keto adapted!

Why This Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan?

This is not just another “off the shelf” ketogenic diet. This is very different. I personalize the diet to YOU (by your weight), giving you a highly effective, time-saving & yet simple keto diet plan to follow. Spend less time researching & in the kitchen, feel great, and finally start losing weight!*

  • No Complicated Recipes or Meals
  • No Calorie Counting
  • No More Battling Carb Cravings and Hunger!*
  • No Special Supplements Required
  • No Wasted Time! We have done all the work as each ebook is customized by your body weight!

What’s Our Secret? It’s keeping it simple while getting results!* My diet plan is an easy 7 day keto diet plan with variable options to make it extend to 21 days and beyond (I made it this way to be highly effective, yet easy to prepare). This plan has been the most successful with clients because keeping it simple is the key to long term success! To stay motivated you want to see the weight coming off, while feeling great and staying healthy. So I built this plan to achieve just that. Combining this meal plan, and one simple 20 minute workout a day will help in weight-loss like you have never experienced before!* it’s that simple!

pdf-iconSee a Sample of this Keto Diet Plan eBook 

Why Buy this Keto Diet Plan?

  • Access to your very own “Keto Coach” for coaching and support
  • Every book ordered is personalized to your specific weight.
  • No counting calories – We do all the work for you.
  • Finally beat your carb cravings & feeling hungry all the time* – like other diets 
  • Learn why and how a ketogenic diet works – and why others fail.
  • Know exactly what foods are keto friendly to help you be creative in the kitchen.
  • Easy yet delicious keto recipes – so you don’t need to be a master chef
  • Exercise plans for maximum results at home or the gym.
  • Our plan doesn’t require use of caffeine or expensive supplements.

What can you expect:

  1. A new understanding of foods, and how they impact your fat loss and health
  2. Superior weight loss with minimal exercise*
  3. Inches of reduction in body measurements overall*
  4. An increase in energy levels without the need for caffeine or stimulants*
  5. Younger looking skin, with less wrinkles, discoloration and acne.*
  6. An improved night’s sleep*, and easier time waking up.*

What Are Past Clients Saying About My Custom Keto Diet Plan!

keto_diet_plan Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 14 reviews
5 1

I highly recommend this program... it's the real deal!*

5 5 1
I'm new to keto, and just wanted to get the facts straight given the sheer amount of misinformation out there on a keto diet. This plan truly cut through all the noise and provided a sound definition and clarity backed by science on how to live a keto lifestyle. I like the way things were explained in simple terms anyone can understand, and really enjoyed the personalized diet plan that made starting a keto lifestyle really easy. Really a complete program that finally provided truth and clarity on everything keto. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in starting a keto based lifestyle; it's the real deal.*

The Keto Diet Plan simplified the whole approach at a low carb diet for me*

5 5 1
The Keto Diet Plan simplified the whole approach at a low carb diet for me and it was just what I needed to make things click.*

The meal plan is a breeze!*

5 5 1
I truly appreciate the clear and concise directions on how to implement a Keto regimen. The meal plan is a breeze and based on your your own personal macros ... No guess work = Easy!*

I am loving my diet plan!*

5 5 1
I am loving my diet plan! It helps me and gives me ideas of what to do during my diet. Its not just a diet its helping me change my life!*

I am very thankful for Raj - Before I even purchased the book he answered my questions promptly!*

5 5 1
I quit with the Ketosis regimen mid-2015 due to lack of discipline (somewhat) and not weight much loss. I wasn't at all sure what I was doing wrong, and my mind was going in circles about minor things; so for that, I am very thankful for Raj's straightforwardness and keen eye for faults and sure ways of improvements. He gears you with the book providing you with the tools and knowledge of what to expect from his own experiences, which is excellent and reassuring. And before I even purchased the book he answered my questions promptly, questions that I felt left in the dark about for quite some time (in regards to protein intake, and so on) Thank God for him and his tellings of Fat Bombs. I knew not of them, it will compensate for the lack of Tres Leches Cake in my life lol. I will never look back to carbs for anything, and to hell with temptation. Thanks, Raj and all the best. I will be sure to keep you updated with my results. I will surely be a product of your teachings under your understandings.*

Very informative and has helped me transition easier to the Keto way*

5 5 1
The e-book I received was very informative and has helped me transition easier to the Keto way of eating than other plans I have looked it. The website is also helpful. I am always on the hunt for more information regarding low carb to help make my planning easier and the Keto Coach was a great find. Thanks for all your hard work and making it available to the rest of us.*

Best money I ever spent!*

5 5 1
This plan is easy to follow and straight forward. Wish I had it when I first started keto! Its a must for beginners and seasoned keto-ers who have hit a plateau. Best money I ever spent!*

BUY THIS PLAN... I'm only one week in but I have dropped 6.6lbs*

5 5 1
The plan is worth every penny!! if you are like me and struggled w figuring out ur macros for ur weight and the whole 'mystery' of just how much fat and not too much protein etc THEN BUY THIS PLAN... I'm only one week in but I have dropped 6.6lbs but more importantly I SEE the mistakes I was making!!! waaay too much protein and not nearly enough fat! I believe if I follow the plan to the letter I'm going FINALLY LOSE THE WEIGHT!*

Anyone interested in keto, or brand new to the keto should definitely purchase this book!*

5 5 1
I wish I could give this book 10 stars. While a lot of the concepts I was already familiar with, the way it is laid out is very simple and easily attainable to fit in one's lifestyle. Especially, if you are very busy! Anyone interested in keto, or brand new to the keto should definitely purchase this book. Stop looking around on various places on the internet and start here (I can say this because that is what I did!). I appreciated that he has several weight ranges so that you can pick the plan for you. It truly is the first and only plan I have come across that was both simple and individualized so that you don't have to put a lot of thought into it! As I said before, I wish I had known about Raj earlier, but hey, better late than never! Thank you for a well laid out, clear, concise e-book!*

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*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results depend on a individual basis.

21 Day Keto Diet Plan 

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The“21 Day Keto Diet” from My Keto Coach – Is made for people who live a busy lifestyle, and need a simple step-by-step diet guide with a easy meal plan to ensure success with a ketogenic diet. The goal of my ebook is to make it very easy for you to live a ketogenic lifestyle with a simple to understand, straight to the point book. I have compressed it to the core facts you need to know to succeed! (22 pages). 

We have built this for men and women who:

  • Are working full-time (busy lifestyle, have kids, etc)
  • Need highly effective, yet simple diet plan with the flexibility to change it up
  • Need to know what to eat and do for fat loss and to get healthy
  • Have had challenges losing weight before, or keeping it off

FREE SUPPORT! I include Coaching & Support Over Email (2 weeks)

See a Sample: Sample Keto Diet Ebook

IMPORTANT: To personalize this keto diet plan, please select your current weight:


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This is an eBook (electronic book) and is delivered in Adobe PDF format (mobile/tablet/computer friendly).  It will be immediately available for download after payment. As well you will receive an email with a secure download link, a few minutes after ordering. Your total cost is as listed $45 USD ($35 USD with coupon code). There are no shipping or additional fees.
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