If you want an alternative to gene-manipulated, pesticide filled vegetables read this now:

“Hydroponics For Beginners – Grow and Eat High Quality Food”


Use the same method as NASA to grow high quality food in your very home supported with decades of research and solid science.

  • Do you read a lot of food labels but never really trust what you get?
  • Have you wasted lots of time in grocery stores going through vegetables with spots, marks, and bruises just looking for a few tomatoes you can have for dinner?
  • Would you like to avoid food that has been genetically manipulated?
  • Are you worried about food prices going up every time you get to the checkout and don’t see any other alternative?
  • Is there a little dream inside you to be self-sustainable, not having to rely on commercially grown food to feed yourself? 

This is the solution for you:

Have you ever heard of Hydroponics? It is a is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. It might surprise you, but plants actually don’t soil to grow. All they need are nutrients, some sunlight and water.
And it is so easy!
Specifically the benefits of growing hydroponically are:
  • The water stays in the system and can be reused, so you save on water
  • It is possible to control the nutrition levels so you spend less
  • No nutrition pollution is released into the environment
  • More return on the space you use than growing with soil since the plants get the nutrients directly
  • Pests and diseases are easier to get rid of than in soil
  • It is easier to harvest
  • No pesticide damage
For you all that means better, more nutritious food to enjoy every single day.

Hydroponics 101 is simply everything you need to create the perfect hydroponic system that never gets it wrong and gives you vegetables that wow your friends every single time.  Have you heard stories of people producing amazing plants using hydroponic gardening methods but can’t seem to get it right yourself?  Or have you always wanted to give hydroponic gardening a go but no clues on how to start?   Then this eBook will transform how you grow vegetables and give you fresh, tasty vegetables at a much lower cost than the supermarkets. hydroponic farminghydroponic growinghydroponic vegetableshydroponic strawberrieshydroponic tomato vinesHydroponics 101 is not just about growing hydroponically; it is about growing hydroponically perfect. You are about to learn:

  • How  to achieve huge, delicious vegetables and herbs every single time
  • The common mistakes that cause crops to be a disappointing failure
  • Why hydroponics is the best method on the planet for growing when you have the right system
  • Why you don’t need tons of indoor space
  • Every step you need to take to set up the perfect hydroponic garden
  • How to save your plants even when things look lost AND still produce the best vegetables you have ever seen
  • Tons more information that will make sure you CANNOT FAIL in your quest to produce delicious vegetables
Hydroponics TestimonialsOver the course of this year I have read many books on hydroponics, but this one is definitely the finest I have read. It is very detailed yet is written in a simple manner that anyone can understand. And as a person who has been using hydroponics for a few years now I am coming away from this book with valuable information about hydroponics systems I never knew about.Cheryl McDaniel – Bangor, ME


This book takes every problem ever encountered by hydroponic growers and gives you a simple, straight forward solution. You will not spend years, months or even weeks trying to perfect your technique because everything you need is included in:

Best Hydroponics 101

 There is nothing more satisfying than growing the perfect vegetable – and nothing more devastating than when it does not meet your expectations or is a complete failure.

I should know – I spent years trying to perfect a system that would give me the awesome results I craved and KNEW were possible.  All I wanted were juicy, fresh vegetables that did not cost me a fortune.

But, the perfect, tasty veggies I craved proved elusive and it drove me crazy!

Even though hydroponics is scientifically proven to be the best way ever found for producing awesome herbs and vegetables – it can be a little daunting to start with. Unless you have the right guidance.

If you are just getting into hydroponic gardening, you may be experiencing a few problems. Even if you have been experimenting for awhile, some of these problems may still haunt you.

Things like choosing the right growing medium, which light to choose, pH problems, algae, fungi, pests, mould. At first it can be overwhelming. You may even be thinking that this is all too much trouble! Don’t worry – I have been there and experienced every problem in the book.  The frustration was enormous.  I so badly wanted to do this right but I could not get my hands on the right advice to make it possible.

 Grow Your Own Food For Only $47

Where were my great tasting, monster vegetables?

general hydroponicsEven once I started getting things mostly right, most of the time, I still wanted more.  I wanted the perfect vegetables, something to give me a taste explosion, nothing else would do.  Does that sound familiar? I was extremely close to giving up.  I am so glad I didn’t. Because now I routinely produce fantastic vegetables which taste amazing and blow all my friends and family away with their quality. You know what I discovered?  Hydroponics really is very simple.

I created a system that completely eliminated every road block and hurdle to growing hydroponically.

So what changed?  Two things really.  Firstly I consulted an expert in plant cultivation and disease.  This may seem a little extreme but when I do something, I make sure I do it well. This guy came to my house and in five minutes flat had identified 6 small mistakes I was making.  These tiny errors were costing me the fantastic, juicy crops I craved.  He then took me through a few of the other common errors people make just in case I encountered them.  Trust me, it was money well spent. The second thing I did was to put his advice into practice. I systematically weeded out all the little mistakes I was making – things that would not even be noticeable to a novice.  The results made me so happy that I started wanting to help others to achieve the full potential of this amazing growing method. I wanted to give others the guidance I needed when I first started out.

The most comprehensive guide to growing hydroponically that has ever been written.

Best Hydroponics101So I put together the most comprehensive guide to growing hydroponically that has ever been written. You don’t have to take my word for that. In a minute I will share with you some of the amazing feedback I have had from people who have used my system to grow their own juicy vegetables. First let’s look at what you will be getting in this eBook. Here is a rundown of the comprehensive information you will receive with Hydroponics 101.

Section One – Starting at the beginning

Everything you need to know if this is your first attempt at hydroponics

Best Hydroponics101

  • Choosing the right location in your environment.
  • The correct method to match YOUR circumstances.
  • All you need to know about lighting and equipment for a great indoor garden.
  • Building your grow box.
  • The importance of ventilation and how to get it just right.

Section Two – Hydroponics & Aeroponics fully explained

Best Hydroponics101

  • What is a hydroponics system and why do they work so well.
  • The Pro’s and Cons
  • Vital nutritional and environmental tips and hints

Section Three – Hydroponics systems in detail

Best Hydroponics101

  • Each hydroponic system fully explained to the last detail, moving from beginner to expert.
  • Step by step guide to building your own hydroponic or aeroponic system
  • Maintaining your system at its optimum health levels.
  • All the errors you need to look out for and eradicate

Section Four – Which vegetables for super success?

Best Hydroponics101

  • A list of the vegetables most suited to an indoor garden
  • Selecting the perfect seeds and making sure they germinate correctly
  • Perfect plant combinations. Vital information for making the most of your space.

Section Five – Growing herbs and vegetables organically

Best Hydroponics101

  • Everything you ever needed to know about the drip feed system – from building to maintaining
  • Growing herbs in an indoor garden.
  • Tips and hints on growing herbs commercially.

Section Six – Troubleshooting: ALL your problems solved

Best Hydroponics101

  • pH levels
  • Water
  • Pests
  • Overuse of nutrients
  • Positioning light sources
  • Algae
  • Mould
  • Fungus

Section Seven – Thinking of going commercial?

Best Hydroponics101

All you need to know to set up a successful commercial enterprise that will take your hydroponic gardening to a new level.

So does it work?

Just take a look at what my deeply satisfied customers are saying.



Hello, my name is Dave.

I consider myself a novice in the world of gardening and hydroponics. My journey began in March 2012 when my 9 year old daughter said she would like to grow a garden outside this summer. So we went to the garden store and I let her pick out some seeds; I grabbed some as well.

We started our plants indoors and in June 2012, we transplanted our starters. I quickly became engrossed with the project and fascinated by the growth we had. I watched many YouTube videos to learn more about gardening and came across some videos about hydroponics and was intrigued.

Basil My Drip System Peppers & Basil



I built a deep water culture system and tried to grow peppers and tomatoes. Most of my plants died or barely grew at all. Frustrated with my progress, I started looking for help. I found a local store who sold hydroponic supplies and he told me that my problem was my water temperature. I found him to be helpful but I was growing fruits and vegetables and he specialized in only one crop which was very different from mine.

If you recall we had a very hot summer in 2012. I tried many things to keep my basin below 82 degrees; unfortunately there was nothing I could do. I searched for help on the internet and found www.besthydroponics101.com who has given me a great deal of information. I purchased their eBook and read through it right away. I sent an email for help because I had decided to move my setup in to my basement and wanted to do things right the first time.

Basil Basil Chadwick Tomatoes Como Di Toro Pepper



I received an email back from Bjarne who is very knowledgable about hydroponics and many types of fruits and vegetables. I explained to Bjarne what I was growing and asked for help with lighting and nutrients. Bjarne has helped me to become a successful gardener.

Below I have provided some pictures of my journey. I still ask Bjarne for help to this day and he has been great. I am about to start a second crop made up of 4 different kinds of lettuce and some different types of peppers. Because each plant is different and has different needs, Bjarne has helped me with my lighting type, times and nutrients.

Pepper Roots Chadwick Tomatoes Tall



If you are new or experienced, I believe there is still plenty you can learn from www.besthydroponics101.com; I am glad I contacted them when I did. Bjarne has saved me a lot of trial and error, time and expense. Now, understanding the details of what I must control properly with my hydroponics system, I don’t believe I would have been able to figure it out on my own. It’s simple once you know what to do and have been given help by someone like Bjarne.

Basil My Drip System Peppers & Basil


It is deeply gratifying to know that I have helped so many people to achieve their dream of a functioning, productive indoor garden. And I am even happier to know that the information I gave them made the process a simple pain free experience.

Why take the time to make your own mistakes when I have already made and solved them for you?

It is worth you knowing that after I wrote the book for the first time. I trawled it past countless experts for their opinions. Each one contributed invaluable information and helped to make this eBook the huge success it is.

The Bonuses That Make This eBook an Astounding Value

At just $47, the eBook – by itself – represents an amazing bargain but I have been where you are and I genuinely want to make sure you cannot fail to produce huge, chemical-free, juicy tasty vegetables.  So I am going to include a few bonuses that I know will guarantee your success.

Bonuses – To Make Sure Of Your Success

Bonus 1: Growing Bigger
Best Hydroponics101Ready to expand but not sure you have enough space? This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to make the most out of your space under any circumstances. Once you read this, you will be producing more out of your indoor garden than you ever dreamed possible.

Independent value? $40

Bonus 2: Growing Flowers Indoors
Best Hydroponics101If you have always wanted to produce beautiful flowers in your indoor garden, then this guide is everything you need. This comprehensive report does not miss a trick. Whether you want them for personal use or even want to go commercial, this guide will give you all the stunning flowers you need.

Independent Value $45


Bonus 3: Indoor Gardens In Town
Best Hydroponics101Part of the fun of hydroponic gardening is having bragging rights over everyone you know. This report gives you chapter and verse on the ten most interesting things you can grow with your hydroponic system. Plus all the hints and tips you need to make sure they thrive. Be the envy of all your friends.

Independent Value $42.99

Bonus 4: Hydroponics Consultant
Best Hydroponics101The low down on perfecting your indoor garden so you can help other perfect theirs.

Independent Value $50

Bonus 5: 25 Delicious Recipes
Best Hydroponics101Once you have gone to all the trouble to grow the best herbs and veggies on the planet it will be time to get cooking.You will need awesome recipes to do justice to your amazing produce. These recipes will blow your taste buds.

Independent Value $20

Bonus 6: Free Phone Consultation
As a part of this offer you also get a free 60 minute consultation with the largest supplier of Hydroponic equipment in North America, Dealzer.com.By taking advantage of offer you get a chance to learn which nutrients and equipment are essential for you use early to grow high quality vegetables in your particular situation.For those that chooses to take advantage of this offer Dealzer also offer 24/7 full lifetime technical support on any purchase and a 5% money back discount exclusive to readers of Hydroponics 101.

Independent Value $100



All in all, these bonuses alone would cost you at least $300 if you wanted to buy them separately. Today, they are included FREE when you purchase Hydroponics 101 for just $47. In other words, you save $300 and get hold of the best hydroponic growing information on the market!

Super Bonus

12 Months FREE, unlimited email support!

Boy, do I wish someone had offered this to me when I was first starting out. In addition to the book you also get 12 months personal support from Bjarne Viken who is in the executive committee of the Hydroponic Society of Victoria. Bjarne specialize in growing basil, but also grow his own salad and tomates which he picks from his garden several times a week.

This bonus allows you to contact him as many times as you like within twelve months of purchasing of Hydroponics 101. He will then give you a comprehensive and complete solution to any problems you may have encountered – usually within 24 hours! How is that for peace of mind?  Not only do you get this fantastic eBook and all of the amazing bonuses for the tiny purchase price of $47 – you also get complete access for 12 months! It is hard to put a price on this kind of invaluable support but I think $200 is pretty conservative.  This brings your savings on this purchase to well over $400. How often does that happen in life?

Your Success is Guaranteed

I am so confident that my eBook will revolutionize your approach to growing hydroponically that I want to offer you a jaw dropping guarantee. I have no time for guarantees that make vague promises so mine is rock solid and very specific.


Hydroponics, done right, is the perfect method for growing the most genetically perfect herbs and vegetables possible.

So here is my promise to you. If you read my book and employ my methods and do not get the best quality, tasty, juicy vegetables you have ever come across, within 60 days of planting – I will refund your money. All I ask is that you fill in a feedback form that I will provide you with.

There is no problem you can encounter that my book cannot solve so I have full confidence in offering you this guarantee.

Also this guarantee is backed by a third party:

This book is sold through the secure industry leading payment systems offered by ClickBank. Through them we are offering you a full 60 day money-back guarantee


Get The Book With Full 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee – Only $47


If you are eager to start producing fantastic vegetables but fear that you do not have the expertise or the patience, then my book is about to make things very simple for you.

Skip the trial and error stage and start producing amazing crops immediately.

Let me tell you from experience, the trial-and-error stage of indoor gardening can get expensive.  For the small price of $47 you can avoid all that unnecessary expense and get it right the first time. Don’t take the chance on failures and disappointment, I wrote this book to help you avoid that. Go straight to the good stuff with my foolproof hydroponic growing plan.

Happy indoor growing.  

PS. The sooner you purchase my eBook the sooner you can start producing the fresh tasty vegetables you dream of. Why wait?

PPS. The bonuses included with this offer really are amazing value. Over $400 worth of information given to you for FREE. The consulting service alone has to be worth hundreds. Imagine having your own hydroponics expert at your beck and call when-ever you want for a whole 12 months!

PPPS. I am not sure how long Bjarne will be able to provide 12 months support, so I might have to take that out of the offer soon, or increase prices. So if you can, take me up on this offer today.

Grow Your Own Food For Only $47