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Dear Friend,

If your goal is to lose fat as fast as humanly possible, it should be no surprise that you absolutely MUST learn to maximize the amount of time your body is actually burning fat.  After all, if your body is actively burning fat for 10 hours each day, you'd get much faster results than if it were only burning fat for five.

But what if you could literally burn fat twenty four hours a day…every day?

Do you realize how much faster you'd progress?  How much more quickly the fat would melt away?  How much more rapidly you'd have the body you want?

That's right, a LOT faster.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is this:

While you absolutely can burn fat 24 hours a day, you probably aren't even close.

And that's why we're here.  You see, on the very page you're reading, right here, right now, we're going to straight up show you the obstacles that are holding you back from turning your body in to a 24 hour fat burning machine, and then we're going to turn around and GIVE YOU the exact formula to fix it.


2 Reasons You're NOT Burning Fat 24/7

Reason #1 – You're not addressing your hormones. 

Most weight loss programs simply look at calories. 

"Eat less than you burn and you'll have the body of your dreams in no time!"

*Rolls eyes*

If only it were that simple.

The truth is, if your fat loss program is not strategically addressing your internal hormonal environment with specific strategies the amount of fat you're able to burn will be FAR from optimized and you pretty much have zero chance of actively burning fat for more than a few hours a day.

Let us say that again:  if your fat loss program is not strategically and specifically addressing your hormonal environment, you pretty much have ZERO chance of actively burning fat for more than a few hours a day.

Why?  Because your hormones virtually control everything when it comes to fat burning. 

Simply put, when you make it a point to take care of your hormones, they make it a point to take care of you…fat burning for days, hours on end.  Neglect them, on the other hand, and you can pretty much forget about burning fat at all, yet alone around the clock.

So, how DO you keep your hormones happy and your body in a fat burning state at all times?  There are 3 ways, and we'll be outright GIVING them to you in just a minute.

Reason #2 – You're not performing exercise
that TRULY boosts your metabolism.

Did you know that certain types of exercise have been shown to dramatically increase metabolism?  And by dramatically I mean for up to 48 hours straight.

That said, the type of exercise that yields this kind of benefit is NOT the type of exercise you commonly see being performed for fat loss in gyms all around the world.

You see, if you're doing traditional slow-go cardio or high repetition, light weight resistance training, you are leaving each session with virtually no positive effect on your metabolism.

Sure, you'll burn a few calories during the session, but even 45 minutes on a treadmill only cashes in at 500 calories, or a whopping 1/7th pound of fat (and that's assuming that all 500 calories being burned are coming directly from stored fat, which they aren't). 

Multiply that by 3 sessions a week and you've burned a little over a 1/3rd of a single pound of fat, oh my!

At that rate, it'd take you FOUR MONTHS to lose 5 lbs…and that's what you get in exchange for putting in your valuable time at the gym three days a week.

Not.  Worth.  It.

And above all that, traditional exercise provides virtually NO prolonged elevation in metabolism.  In fact, with slow-go cardio, metabolism returns to baseline almost IMMEDIATELY following the exercise session.

You see, if you truly want the time you spend exercising to have a lasting effect on your metabolism (and your waistline), there's only one particular style of exercise that has been scientifically proven to do it – and that's the exact style of exercise we'll be filling you in on in the next section.

4 Strategies You MUST Employ To Ensure You Never Go A Minute Without Burning Fat

There's no way around it, if you want to burn fat all the time, your body must be in a fat burning state all the time

And there's only one way that's possible: Your body's fat burning hormones must be optimized 24/7 and your metabolism must be elevated around the clock.  Fortunately, we do both with the use of four very strategic methods employed in the 24/7 Fat Loss system:

1)  Optimized Nutrient Combining™

You likely already know that you should be eating a mix of high quality proteins, healthy fats, and fibrous carbohydrates daily.

What you may not know, however, is that how you combine these nutrients can and will have a profound effect on your body's hormonal response to each meal, and therefore your fat loss.

Avoiding the "Deadly Combination"

If your goal is to avoid fat storage, it's certainly in your best interest to avoid the presence of fatty acids and storage hormones (such as insulin) in your blood stream at the same time.

Why, because Storage + Fat = Fat Storage, and you don't want that.

When you eat fat, fatty acids are released in to the blood.  When you eat carbs, insulin is released in to the blood to shuttle blood sugar to its storage sites.

Putting two and two together, you can likely see that the two nutrients you'll want to avoid eating together are carbs and fat.

Again, carbs cause the storage hormone insulin to be released.  Fat ingestion leads to large amounts of fatty acids in the blood.  Insulin + fat = fat storage.

To avoid this "deadly combination", follow this simple rule:  Consume protein with every meal.  Add either carbs or fat (but not both).

So now that you know which nutrients to eat together (and those to avoid), when should you eat a Protein + Carb meal and when should you eat meals that contain Protein + Fat?

The answer:

2) Carb Syncing™

Contrary to popular belief, the key to fat loss is not avoiding carbs, it's learning to eat them only when your body is most primed to "handle" them best.  This comes at two different times of day:

  1. In the morning
  2. After intense exercise

For one, loads of research has shown that carbohydrate tolerance is highest in the morning, making it a no brainer to consume a large portion of your daily carb intake at breakfast when your body is best equipped to process them.

If you're in to snacking like we are, mid-morning is another great time for carbs.

The second "best" time to eat carbs is after intense exercise since your body is ultra primed to suck them up for recovery and energy replenishment, and NOT fat storage.

Want a double whammy of carbohydrate sensitivity?  Schedule your workouts in the morning and consume ALL of your carbs early in the day.

We call this "best of both worlds" scenario Carb Syncing™ because you "sync" your carbohydrate intake with a time window in which your body is literally CRAVING carbs.

Carb Syncing™ and Optimized Nutrient Combining™ are the two daily tools you'll need to keep your body in a fat burning state 24 hours a day, but there's also a very important long term strategy that is an absolute must if you want to keep your metabolism happy week after week:

3) Strategic Overfeeding™

Any time you decrease your calorie intake in an effort to shed those stubborn pounds, your body responds by derailing your metabolism and decreasing levels of fat burning hormones as an anti-starvation mechanism . 

In fact, after only a single week of dieting your metabolism is only operating at 50% of its fat burning potential – that means you'll be missing out on a TON of fat loss in the coming weeks unless you do something about it.

The good news is that while it takes roughly a week of moderate dieting for fat burning hormones to take a plunge, it only takes one day of cheating, or overfeeding, to boost those levels back up to baseline.

By frequently resetting your metabolism with strategically placed high-calorie Cheat Days, you can essentially have your cake and eat it too while watching your waistline continually shrink week after week.

Up next, the only research proven way to increase metabolism around the clock:

4) Metabolic Resistance Training™

As mentioned previously, most exercise doesn't do anything for your metabolism over the long term.

Spend 45 minutes on the treadmill and maybe burn 1/10th of one pound of fat.

<Sarcasm> Wow.  That's amazing. </Sarcasm>

Fact is, if you are truly looking to burn fat around the clock, you absolutely must be performing exercise that has a prolonged effect on your metabolism for hours after your session is done.

In fact, research has shown that a specific form of exercise called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout – that's TWO DAYS of elevated metabolism from a single 40-minute workout.

Do you know how much MORE fat you'll burn from one of those workouts?

Yes, WAY more than "cardio" or traditional high rep circuit training, that's for sure.

So what exactly is Metabolic Resistance Training™?

MRT is a series of non-competing total body resistance training exercises linked together with incomplete cardiovascular recovery.

Now, that may sound like a mouthful, so let's break it down.  For example, a workout may start with these four movements:

  1. Dumbbell Lunges x 8 reps per side
  2. Dumbbell Chest Press x 8 reps
  3. Goblet Squats x 8 reps
  4. Dumbbell Row x 8 reps per side


No rest between movements.

Because there is no rest between each exercise, there is not enough time for your cardiovascular system to fully recover (i.e. incomplete recovery).

The exercises are "non-competing" because they transition from upper body to lower body, allowing the muscles of your upper body to rest while your lower body works (and vice versa).

Essentially, you're providing a HUGE metabolic stimulus to your entire muscular and cardiovascular systems at the SAME time through strategically designed full body resistance training combined with minimal rest.  This is what allows for an unparalleled exercise-induced increase in metabolism for hours and hours after your session—something we call the AFTERBURN.

You want the afterburn, and with MRT you'll be getting PLENTY of it.

Simply put, when you combine the metabolism power of Metabolic Resistance Training with the hormone-regulating power of Optimized Nutrient Timing, Carb Syncing, and Strategic Overfeeding, the only thing your body can do is respond by burning fat 24/7.

The science is simply too strong, and the program is simply too smart.

Are you ready to instantly DOUBLE your fat loss and begin burning fat EVERY minute of every day?

Are you ready to become our next success story?


That's over 423 pounds of fat loss just from those pictured above!

Bottom line, we've been creating programs that yield incredible results for years, and the 24/7 Fat Loss system is by far our most cutting-edge, tediously designed program to date.

You see, we WANT you to truly experience just how fast fat loss can be when you're literally burning fat every second of every minute of every day, and we're determined to equip you with everything you need to make it easily make it happen.


The Complete 8-week
24/7 Rapid Fat Loss System



Component 1: The Diet Manual ($197 Value) – This is the full-on “specs” manual that details everything you need to know about the diet including what to eat, when to eat it, detailed food lists, charts, tables, FAQs, and more…

At Joel's Florida office, his dietary program design services start at $197, so when we say you’re getting a real $197 value here, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

And we're not even close to being done.

Component 2: The Training Manual ($197 Value) –  Utilizing the most revolutionary Metabolic Resistance Training workouts ever created, the 24/7 Fat Loss Training Manual contains 8 weeks of brand new, never before seen MRT workouts that have been shown to burn fat and accelerate metabolism for up to 48 hours straight. 

Moreover, each workout was strategically designed to work hand in hand with every single aspect of the diet program, creating the most synergistic combination of diet and exercise techniques possible for the fastest fat loss.

Component 3: Workout Log Sheets ($47 Value) – We had these printable log sheets professionally designed so you can easily record your workouts and have the workout template right there in front of you as you perform each session.  Ultra convenient, ultra beneficial.
Component 4: The 24-hour Fat Loss Timeline ($47 Value)– This component will prove to be one of your most valuable assets for completing each day of the program successfully.  Essentially, we map out the entire day, hour by hour, providing you with simple metabolism boosting, mind-empowering, and fat loss accelerating activities to perform throughout the day to keep you focused and on track.  Print it off, follow it, and watch your results soar.
Component 5: The Exercise Database ($47 Value) – In this manual each and every exercise contained in the 24/7 Fat Loss program is outlined, complete with photos and detailed descriptions of each to ensure you achieve the full fat burning potential of every exercise.
Component 6: The Mindset Database ($47 Value) – Empowering your mind regularly is a huge part of staying motivated to burn fat 24/7, and that's exactly why we created this collection of 5-second mind sharpening exercises for you to pull from on a daily basis.  Believe us, you'll want to go back to this resource regularly when you see just how HUGE of a difference 5 seconds can make. 
Component 7: The Supplemenation Guide ($27 Value) – In this manual we outline the most effective supplementation strategy to use in combination with the 24/7 Fat Loss system to further accelerate results and hasten progress over the course of the 8-week program.

Supplements are not "required" to do this program, but the right plan can make a huge difference and this guide ensures you have the most ideal recommendations, directly from me, to work synergistically with the 24/7 Diet and Training components.
Component 8: Pre-program Quick-start Checklist ($47 Value) – Alright, so you’re just about ready to begin the program and you want to make sure you have everything lined up for success.  Not a problem, as we're also providing you with a detailed step-by-step, itemized checklist to ensure you have everything in place leading up to your “official” first day.
Component 9: The 24/7 Fat Loss Audio Interrogation ($27 Value) – In this 60 minute audio, fat loss expert John Romaniello throws every question he possibly can at us about the 24/7 Fat Loss system and around the clock fat loss in general – and we hold nothing back.

This component also comes with the full transcript of the audio so you can choose to either listen or read.

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But let me warn you, if you are LAZY and are simply looking for a "magic bullet" solution, this is not the program for you. 

The simple fact of the matter is this:  the 24/7 Fat Loss program is NOT a "quick fix."  It's a SMART fix to a very complex problem that consequently yields incredibly fast results. 

Oh, and did we mention that you'll probably even GAIN a couple pounds of firm, calorie-burning lean muscle while you lose fat at record speed?  That's unheard of.  But the reality is that we've had clients do it over and over again, and you will too.

At the same time, we want to make sure we're being very clear:  make no mistake, this program takes work, and if you're one of these people who simply can't fully dedicate
8 short weeks to radically changing their body—a change that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your LIFE—then please, do not invest in this system.

But for those of you who are
serious, those who are ready to put for the effort, the 24/7 Fat Loss system will absolutely give you every tool you need to immediately DOUBLE your rate of fat loss and experience the rapid fat loss results you deserve—GUARANTEED.

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"But What if it Doesn't Work For Me?"

Then It's ALL FREE.

Listen, we know this system works, as do the many individuals who have already experienced its rapid fat loss power first hand.  But at the same time, we understand that you still may be skeptical, and as such we want to do everything we can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you.

And for that exact reason, here's what we're going to do for you:  for each and every customer who orders, we're going to extend our Iron-Clad, 60-day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

Simply put, if you follow the 24/7 Fat Loss 8-week program exactly as outlined in the materials, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you achieve from doing so, just contact us and we'll refund your money.  It's that simple.

We stand behind our product and the rapid results you will achieve, but if for some strange reason it doesn't yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

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Do You Want To Immediately DOUBLE Your
Fat Loss And Begin Burning Fat 24/7?

The truth is this:  if you really put your mind to it, went back to school and graduated with an honors degree  in health, nutrition, and exercise science, found and read those same 878 research papers that we did, started a career in fitness and proceeded to work with more than 1,400 clients directly while getting feedback from thousands more across the globe (along with having some of the top names in the fitness industry to serve as your guinea pigs), in about 10 years or so you could probably develop, perhaps, an equally effective rapid fat loss system yourself, just like we did with the 24/7 Fat Loss system.

I mean, it could happen.

But if you'd rather:

  1. Skip all that work
  2. Rely on the fact that we already did ALL of that for you
  3. Start getting results now with the proven 24/7 Fat Loss System
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We literally can't wait to hear about the incredible results you've already experience just a few short weeks from now.

Excited for your 24/7 fat loss success,

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P.P.S.  Remember, with our Iron-clad, 100% Money-back Guarantee,  we're giving you 60 risk-free days to discover what countless others already have—this is the most strategic, fastest fat loss program EVER developed.  Grab it RISK-FREE today.

P.P.P.S.  Have a question?  We probably already answered it below!

Q: What is the 24/7 Fat Loss System and how does it work so fast?

The 24/7 Fat Loss system is a cutting-edge rapid fat loss program that combines the hormone regulating power of Nutrient Combining, Carb Syncing ™, and Strategic Overfeeding with the metabolism boosting power of brand new fat-incinerating Metabolic Resistance Training workouts into a strategic 8-week fat-annihilating system that literally programs your body to burn fat around the clock, 24/7.

The secret is in the setup.  Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, has been perfected to work in the most ideal way with your body to stimulate fat loss and stroke metabolism in the most effective manner possible.    Every single day, every single workout, every single thing you do on this program is for a very specific reason that contributes to the overall rapid fat loss effects of the program.

Simply put, when you learn how to unlock the right methods in the right combination in the right sequence, the strategic, synergistic results are profound.  And that's exactly what the 24/7 Fat Loss System does.

Q: If I'm a relative beginner, can I still use this system?

Yes, absolutely!  In fact, within the package we've also specifically included beginner level workouts in addition to the main workouts to ensure we could offer the benefits of 24/7 fat loss to anyone at any level of fitness!

Q: Will I have to starve my way through this program?

NO.  Not only do we allow for plenty of healthy, fats, and protein on regular diet days, but there are also regular Cheat Days built in to the program where you can literally eat WHATEVER you want all day long.  That's right, this program requires that you regularly indulge all your cravings without worry.  And the best part?  It's strategically set up that way to accelerate your results.

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Q: Am I just going to lose a lot of weight only to regain it right back?

Nope!  The coolest thing about the 24/7 Fat Loss system is the fact that it protects your metabolism throughout the entire course of the program to make sure the weight you lose stays lost after the program concludes.  In fact, 24/7 Fat Loss is set up to actually increase your metabolism as you rapidly lose fat, which is, quite frankly, unheard of.

Q: I want to start losing fat now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

No!  The entire program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Q: What if I don't have "a lot" of fat to lose? / What if I DO have a LOT of fat to lose?

Whether you're already in "good" shape, or if you're just starting out, this program was designed to get you to your next goal as fast as humanly possible.  Bottom line, whether you have 10 lbs or 50 lbs or more to lose, the 24/7 Fat Loss system will get you exactly where you want to be...faster.

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I'm not in my 20's or 30's, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

Yes, and we know that because we've already had plenty of people in their 50's and 60's experience massive success while using the program.  The program is set up to have you losing fat fast while increasing your metabolism--no matter what age you are.

Does this program work just a quickly for women as it does for men?

Of course.  The program does not discriminate based on age, gender, or any other factor.  It works across the board.  Period.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Then it's all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the 24/7 Fat loss 8-week program exactly as outlined in the materials, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you achieve from your efforts, just contact us and we'll refund your money.  It's that simple.

We stand behind our product as a rapid results-producing, extremely FAST fat loss program, and if doesn't yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

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Please read our awesome disclaimer:  Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is.  The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.  The biggest factor is you.  Don't do drugs; stay in school.  There is no such thing as a Silver Bullet.  I bet this disclaimer would make a good rap song.