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RE: “I couldn’t believe my eyes!”
FROM: Curtis Palmer


“Hey Curtis have you seen the Porsche?” Johnny asked


I said “what Porsche Johnny?”


He said “Go through that door on the right”


I was there to do Johnny’s end of year taxes and even though I knew he’d just had his best year yet, I was unprepared for what was on the other side of that door.


I walked through the door to the garage and low and behold parked in the middle was a shiny brand new £142,000 Porsche 911 Turbo S.


It’s not everyday you see something so beautiful in front of you, but then again its not everyday that you walk into the house of somebody who is worth over ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS.


Johnny has been extremely successful. He has built 3 different businesses in three separate industries and sold them all for tens of millions of pounds. Now years later he was worth over £100,000,000!


I had been sent by my employers to one of our biggest clients because we had, as my bosses put it “things in common”


Apart from the fact we were both 29, we didn’t have much else in common. He was a multi millionaire playboy and I was his accountant. How far apart could you get?


But we had always got along.


As I stood in his garage drooling over his brand new super car, I noticed the reflection of a horse standing in Johnnys stable.


“When did you get the horse?” I shouted.


“Ahh you’re not gonna be happy with me Curtis, they were gonna send her to the glue factory and I couldn’t have it… I mean look at her!”


“How much?” I asked in my best disapproving voice.


“Only 24 grand. And besides I bought her with my winnings. Come on Curtis keep up mate”


Johnny had been betting on the races recently and just like everything else he touched it turned to gold.


Privately, this was the one thing that annoyed me about Johnny. I didn’t mind that he could drop almost £150,000 on a brand new super car or that he had his own private box at the Manchester United games or even that he had the pick of any of the gorgeous models he wanted.


No, I could live with that.


But why when you are worth over £100million do you start betting? And even more annoyingly, WINNING!


You see, I had been placing bets on the horses for about 18 months. It started with a few bets at the weekend, then I’d place a few punts on my lunch and before I knew it I was betting every single day. And LOSING!


Morning, noon and night.


I signed up to shoddy tipster services, that guaranteed winners but basically just gave the favorites and even then most of the time they LOST!


I bought ‘AUTO’ betting softwares that promised auto profits but did nothing but ‘automatically’ lost my money.


All were shams, scams and bulls***


I was wasting hundreds of pounds each week and keeping it to myself. I didn’t have the balls to tell my fiancé.


She would kill me!


So I’d rip up losing betting slips and delete my internet browsing history before I got home.


Now standing in Johnnys garage with a brand new Porsche, the spoils of an everlasting hot-streak Johnny was going through, staring back at me, I began to get that sinking feeling.




Later on as we sat down in Johnny’s home office, we ran through his personal accounts.


And these weren’t from huge one off stakes this was an accumulation of 3-4 bets per day, every day!


“Flipping heck!” Johnny laughed, “I knew I was doing well, but I didn’t know I was doing that well!”


I was stunned.


There was a burning desire growing deep down inside of me to ask “how the hell do you do it?” but I knew I had to remain professional.


Johnny could see it.


And he couldn’t hide the fact he held a secret. He wore a sheepish grin all over his face.


“For f**k sake just ask me Curtis!”


“How the hell are you doing this Johnny?” I let out


“You must keep this an absolute secret”, he whispered, as he got up to shut the door to his office.


“You know George, one of my programmers don’t you?” he asked in a lowered voice.


George was one of Johnny’s brainy computer science nerds working at one of his software companies, I’d met him once when I visited the company HQ. Every now and again Johnny would benefit from one of their wacky side projects.


“Well George had been working on some mathematical formulas that could predict the outcome of horse races. You know what these Oxford kids are like Curtis they do this shi* for kicks!


“Anyway he started braggin’ in the office about his winnings. Each day for about a f***ing month George was coming in booming about his bloody winnings.”


Johnny slowly became more and more animated.


“At first I’m thinking its only gonna be a matter of time before he comes in gutted and has to explain to everyone about his losses. But he never did! It just kept going and going.”


“So after about 6 weeks I pull George to one side and ask him to tell me what his formula is”


Always quick to spot an opportunity to make money, Johnny wasted no time.


“So he shows me this pretty simple mathematical formula that he was applying to every race to select his winners. I asked him to print me a copy off”


His face lit up.


“I felt like the cat who got the cream, Curtis” he beamed.


“I started applying his secret formula and BOOM first race… £160 PROFIT! Second race… £74 PROFIT. Third race £210 PROFIT.”


“Within the first week I’d made over 2 GRAND. That’s TWO THOUSAND POUNDS for doing nothing. Tax free as you know Curtis,” he winked


I wanted in. I wanted in NOW. I wanted in so bad.


This secret formula could be the end to all my troubles. All my losses and money down the drain. Maybe I could start winning like George and Johnny too.


“So are you sharing or what?” I asked outright. My desperation got the better of me. I couldn’t wait any longer.


“Yeah, but mate you’ve gotta keep it to yourself. Its gotta be our little secret, OK?” He hushed.


“Yeah no problem.”


He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out the printed formula. He passed it to me and let me look over it.


I couldn’t believe how simple it was. It literally took me a few minutes to grasp.


“Can I?” I asked


“Go for it mate” Johnny answered.


I reached for my iPhone and logged into my William Hill app. I did some quick calculations using the secret formula and made my selection.


I placed a tenner on the horse and executed the bet.


Then I waited.


We ran through the rest of Johnny’s account and I left. I drove out of Johnnys sprawling mansion and back to the office.


The race was at 7:05pm at PONTEFRACT and the horse was called RIPTIDE at 12/1.


I couldn’t get out of the office fast enough. At 7:15pm I logged into my William Hill app and saw the one word I hadn’t seen in a very long time. WON was next to my selection along with £130.




I had made some money!


The next day I applied the formula and made £40 PROFIT on a horse called SALFORD RED DEVIL at CHESTER at 4/1.


And it just carried on and on. Winning horses every day. One after the other.


In my first month I had made over £824 profit.


In my second month that had grown to TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS in profit.


Now almost nine months on I’ve made £39,271


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